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Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.'
Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'
How do you spell love?

You don't spell it, you feel it.
It's one thing to be alive on the outside
It's another thing when you feel dead and empty on the inside..

I miss you guys

RIP Roy and Devon - 30/06/2013
I feel so alone without you :(
I miss you so much!

& Roy
If it didn't happend to you
Then you don't understand how it feels
You think you do, but you don't
I just want to pour my heart out and warn people with this message:

Two weaks ago, the person who I really cared for, who I really loved
He had his faults, but I could accept them
Now he's gone and I can't ever tell him I love him
I didn't say it when he was alive and now he's gone

He died in a carcrash...
There were five persons in that car
Three persons survived
Two died: The driver (The one I loved and still love) and the one sitting behind him.
They came from a party, the driver drove to fast and didn't notice there was a turn
so he crashed against a tree and died with his friend behind him

I'm still waiting for his message that says that he safely arrived at home, but that message will never come and I'll have to accept that..

With this I just want to warn people that life is short
The two persons who died where 17 and 20
The names of them where Roy (17) and Devon (20)
They had a whole live in front of them
Please be carefull if you drive!
Because one mistake and not only your live, but the lives of the ones who love you change

I saw him, Devon, as the one I was gonna marry
And now
Everything has changed...

I'll miss you both!
What have I done...
Is there someone out there?
Someone who cares?
Someone who can fix my problems?
Is there someone out there?

If a girl is in love:
Her parents ask: who is that idiot?

If a boy is in love:
His parents ask: idiot, who is that girl?

MORAL: no matter who's in love, boys are always idiots ;)




Longest minutes in life :
1. Waiting for food in the microwave / restaurant.
2. Waiting for that one call / text from the one you love.