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Quotes by swiftie_13

When you get so upset your sister stole your tweezers that you make your dad drill a padlock on your closet door and you shove all your belongings in it.
The amout of selfies I've taken with my cat is ridiculous
Whenever i'm thinking of an embarassing moment that i had i tell my brain to shut up
The only problem is i do it out loud
so i tend to get some strange looks

So at dinner today I tried to use every reference I possibly could.
It was everywhere from silver unicorns to redvines are totally awesome and  i even said YOU GO GLEN COCO completely out of context and no one understood then my dad tried to quote ed sheeran and failed
i live in a family of peasants.
My little sister's soccer team just lost 2-0.
Guess who scored the 2 goals.
My sister and her friend. On her team.
They scored against themselves.
*phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Recording: This is a notification that schools will be closed tom-
Recording: I'm sorry, that is not a valid response.
Me: *walks downstairs at 1 wearing a bathrobe*
Family: *arguing about bathrobes*
Dad: But why would you wear a bathrobe all day unless you're 65?
Me: *goes back upstairs*