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heeeey im alyssa i play lots of sports i hold 11 records i am clutz i have broken liikee 8 bones i am here to post stuff fav things and to help if u ever need it somethimes i need it too later <3333

Quotes by swimmer414

When someone says something so  meaningful to your life that it makes you
  think back on all the things you messed up on and you just cry....

                                           IF   YOWERE   COOKIYOWOULBWHOREO

if you ever picked a weaggie and
someone pointed it out

(drop something in class)
ME: OMG its sooo far away
and just keep doing it untill someone gets
just mee???? (:

                         my bestfriend would be the one that if her house was on fire she would roast marshmellows and hit on the fireman [♥] if you love your bestfriend  
ok soooo my friend and her family were in a fight about guys weather they should where pink or not. My girl friend said 80% of  girls dont like guys that wear pink.her brother said 80% of guys that wear pink dont like girls...........oh love my friends and there family wars
everything in life is either



-or fatting                             fav if u find true

i let my haters be my movtivaters fav if u do too (:
Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you dont repost this, your worst week starts now.
nerd jock punk prep let me see u 1-2 step party hard rock n roll were the class u cant control girls cute guys are fly all the years are passing bye class of 2018 (: