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You're all I need 

Chapter One
"Meg!" My eyes fly open as my grandma screams my name from downstairs. I jump up out of bed and skip into my closet. I shut the flimsy wicker door and cover my mouth as she clomps noisily up the steps. "Meg, sweetie, come on, your mother is almost here!" She enters and stops in the middle of my room. She puts her hands on her hips and frowns deeply, "Hm," She turns in a circle and looks directly at the closet. I sink deeper, behind clothes from last summer, and her fingers curl around the door. I bite my lip to keep from laughing, "Aha-" She frowns again, "Meg?" I pop out and throw my arms around her in a hug, "Megan Margaret Henry!" She pushes me away and places a wrinkly hand over her heart, "You'll be the death of me, I swear it." But she gives me a smile and hands me a package.
"Whats this?" I say, taking it and sitting down on my bed. "Just a little going away present, I'm going to miss you sweetie." I give her my best smile, "It's been a really good summer, Gram." I tear the wrapping off of the gift and a soft pink shirt slips into my fingers. "Is it the one from our place?" It's meant to be flowly and a little big, the bottom is lace and it is the softest material. I bring it to my face and breathe in the scent of my grandmas rose perfume. "Thank you so much." I give her another hug. "Now, finish your packing sweet-pea, your Mother is on her way." I frown as she leaves and I get up to shut the door. I look around the small blue room, my moms old room. My few boxes are stacked on my vanity and I left out blue jeans and brown boots, but I couldn't figure out what shirt to wear. I grin and slip my pajamas off and fold them neatly away. When I'm fully changed I stack my three boxes atop each other and went downstairs.



Baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms. i'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven.

And love is all that I need, and i found it there in your heart. it isnt too hard to see, we're in heaven.

Call Me Bella

My name is Isabella, but for the sake of the story just call me Bella.
I’ll be your narrator today. The story will be told in First Person, and for privacy reasons the main character will be known as Becca, so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
take your seats because the show is about to begin.

Hold tight, it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

I was 11 five years ago when I got the call saying I wasn’t accepted to join the ballet class.
The phone rang; breaking my concentration. I peeled off my ballet slippers and I ran to the kitchen at top speed and knocked into my dad on the way, “Careful sweetie,” He said before patting my head and walking by me. Mom had the phone pressed against her ear, her face was blank. “Yes. I do. I do understand. Oh, please, you people disgust me. She’s a little girl for crying out loud!” There was a beat of silence and then she hung up. “Hi sweetie, you hungry?” I nodded, “Was that them? Did I make it?” She didn’t answer me, just went on preparing something on the stove. “Mom?” She slammed the frozen vegetables against the counter to break them up, each time making me jump. I inched closer, “I didn’t make it, did I?” She put the bag down and dropped her head into her palms. It was a minute before she wiped her face and looked at me, “No sweetie, you didn’t.” She started stirring something on the stove, “Dinner will be ready soon.” I shook my head, “I’m not hungry,” I ran out before she could stop me.
It was hard going to school and explaining to my friends why I wasn’t on the team when I’d bragged about it for weeks. It was even harder to walk by Alanna Willis, my mortal enemy and ex- best friend. She’d made the team and had known I’d tried out. I was just waiting for her to rub it in my face.
“Becca! Becca!” My friend Jill came running up to me at lunch on Friday. She sat down next to me and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Alanna started a rumor about you.” I dropped my sandwich, “What is she saying?” She looked like she didn’t want to say, but I shook her until she spilled. “She’s telling people you didn’t make the team because you’re too fat.” Her cheeks reddened as I’m sure mine did too. I didn’t say anything and she grasped my hand, “Don’t listen to her though, you’re totally not fat, you’re kind of thin really. Besides, everyone knows her mom is on the ballet board, which is why she passes every tryout.” I gulped and nodded, “Yeah, thanks.” She left to go get her own lunch and I suddenly wasn’t hungry. I balled up my lunch and tossed it in the garbage.
That was the day I decided to stop eating.


In This Moment


Last year I told my dad about how I'd finally stopped seeing things.
And that I was healthy.
And I finally had a friend.
When I brought my friend over for dad to meet him, dad freaked out and started throwing things.
I asked him to stop, I told him he was scaring my friend.
He looked me square in the eye and said that there was nobody in the living room with us.
I looked to my left where Josh was standing, but he wasn't there any more.
I started crying.

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Chapter One
This story is set in the future
I broke the surface of the water evenly with my hands and I made nearly no sound as I whoosed into the lake. I flapped my arms to keep from floating up and kicked deeper in.
My clothes were sodden and heavy, and after a minute I had no choice but to come up for air.
I tugged the hood over my head and took a deep breath.
The air was calm and warm.
I swore at the thought of my long ride home.
The guy I'd been tailing looked suspiciously out his window once more and shut it tight.
I pulled the black mask over my face and felt the smart-plastic form around my face.
I tapped a button on my wrist sensor and thanked heavens again for the water proofness of my world. I swam slowly back to shore and it wasn't long before I heard the soft whistling of metal through air. Of course, only my ears would be able to detect it.
I reached my arm up and caught my board smack in the middle. I pulled myself up with one arm and swung into a perfect stance. I tried unsuccessfully to wring out my hoodie, and gave up with a snap of my fingers. I angled my board in the direction of home and sped off.
Mr. Grey would be proud, I'd gotten everything he'd asked for.
I blinked twice and gestured a finger, and my vision was obscured by every mental note i'd taken.
I winked and it was gone, I pushed my board harder, willing it to top speed.

I'm still here
Chapter Four
Present Time

It was a flurry of sweaty handshakes and then we took off at a light jog down her grassy hill.
It was eerily silent and I vaguely remembered it being kinda warm out, there were no lights either.
We stopped for a few minutes breath at a bus stop, we all sat down on the bench.
I heard the sound of kissing, and looked over at Angie locking lips with the guy who'd introduced himself as Gus. I'd never liked that name.
I blushed but turned my attention to the other boy, Andrew. "Er." I said. Great, genius Halley.
He chuckled, "Halley right? Not Haley." I smiled into the dark, "Yeah. Andrew?" He grinned.
"Nice of them to invite the suckers to their make out fest huh?" He whispered.
I stood up and walked a couple feet away, and Andrew surprisingly followed me.
"You have a boyfriend?" He asked gently. I shook my head, "Guys aren't really my thing."
He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair, "Ah, you play for the other team?"
I stared for a second and then understood, "OH! No! No haha. I just meant i'd never had any luck dating.." He opened his mouth to answer but Angie had walked over to us, Gus had his arm around her and she had a smile plastered on her face.
"Come on, we're going to Odies." I shook my head, "Actually, if it's alright, I'm going to head home."
"Oh come on Halley." She said, but I shook my head. "No, really. I'll go home."
"Alright whatever. Andrew? You in?" Gus said kind of angrily. I started to walk but Andrew caught my arm lightly. "I'll walk Halley home, and then we'll meet up."
Angie and Gus rolled their eyes but turned away and walked off.
"You don't have to lie just to get away from them.." I said, feeling nervous.
"I'm not lying. Angie shouldn't have brought you out. I want you to get home safe. So lead me in the right direction and we'll walk." I nodded and started back the way we'd come.
Was I walking home at 2 in the morning with a kid I didn't even know?
That adrenaline feeling surged in my stomach.

I'm still here
Chapter Three
Present Time

"I'm going to Angies, see you later!" I called out, but before I could shut the door, my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me back inside. "Ow, dad, what the heck." I rubbed my shoulder
and he paced back and forth. "You aren't going out."
"Yes. I am. What's wrong with you? I always go to Angies!" He shook his head.
And held up a little empty baggie. "Explain yourself."
My stomach dropped. "I didn't smoke that, dad."
He stuffed it into his pocket. "Oh really?" I nodded, "Really. I threw it out the window. I guess I didn't toss the bag. I promise you." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I was such an easy cryer, god damnit. I cleared my throat, "I'm not lying. you know I wouldn't." He nodded after a minute.
"Fine. Go on, have fun. I better not find out you lied."
"Can you believe it? He seriously found the bag! Hah! Did you feed him a good lie?"
She chewed on her finger nail, waiting for my response. "I told the truth.." She laughed at me.
"You did? And he didn't flip? Haha!" I shrugged, "I didn't smoke it." She stopped laughing and chewing and gaped at me. "What. You threw out 30 dollars of weed? that I gave you as a present?"
I nodded slowly. "I didn't wanna try it."
She growled at me, "Well you should've given it back to me!" "I don't want you smoking that crud either."
She shook her head, "You're nuts. It's not bad for you."
"Yes. It is. Even if not the actual plant the smoke is. You're messing yourself over and you're 16! Grow up, Angie. There is more to life than drugs and alcohol, I don't want to lose you young."
She looked mad for a second, but then sighed, "Yeah yeah. Whatever. Come on, let's go to sleep."
I frowned at her, "Promise." "Promise? Promise what?" I threw a pillow at her, "That you'll stop drinking and smoking. Please?" She turned over on her side and flipped me off, "I'll take it as a yes then." "Oh fine." She mumbled into the pillow.
*Beep beep*
Her phone rang with a text, she sprang up and a smile spread across her face.
"You know that feeling you described to me?" I nodded slowly.
"Would you like to feel that again?" I nodded slower.
"Come on, put on some jeans and a sweatshirt. We're going out."
I looked at the clock just as there was a tap at Ang's window.
A pale face peeked in at us and I buttoned my black jeans and pulled on my Black Vans hoodie.
"Ready, Angie?" A male voice called into the room. She shut off the light and ushered me out her window first and then followed silently behind.
"Yup, Guys, meet Halley. Halley, meet the guys."

I'm still here
Chapter One
Present Time
I stuffed the little baggie under my pillow just as my dad was knocking on my door.
"Come in!" I called, trying not to sound like I was up to something.
"Hey, Hall. How does going out for dinner sound? It is your birthday after all. You're only 16 once!"
I smiled, "Sure Dad, I'll be ready in a few." He clapped his hands together.
"Great, meet me in the living room." He started to walk out.
"You smell something weird?" He sniffed again and wrinkled his nose.
"Uh, no.. Maybe I need a shower." I joked but could hardly force a smile. He grinned and left.
I exhaled, and pulled the little baggie out again, I grimaced at the weed my friend Angie had given me for my birthday. I really didn't want to try it. There was something kind of nerdy-cool about being all 'Straight edge' and what not. I jammed it into a sock and tucked it away in my underwear drawer.
I put on a floral summer dress and some brown sandals, I fluffed my beach blonde hair and walked to the living room where my dad was waiting.
We went out to dinner at my favorite place, and they even brought me out a complimentary cupcake.
I blew out the candle and made the same wish I did every year.
And when we got home late, I simply said I wanted to just relax, so dad let me be alone.
I grabbed the plastic bag and a small glass object and jammed them into my purse. I snuck out my bedroom window and half ran into the woods of my back yard. I swung up into a low hanging willow and leaned back to catch my breath. Was I about to do this?
I toyed with the lighter and decided no. I opened the bag and the light wind caught the dried up leaves and blew them away. I flung the lighter and glass into a nearby oak and I hopped down and walked slowly back to my window. But when I got there, I realized I forgot to prop it open so it had shut on me.
I slammed my palms against it and tried to shove it upwards, "nononoo come on!" It inched up.
I pushed harder, and nearly fainted when I heard my dad walking down the long hall to my room.
It budged 2 more inches and I kept struggling with it. He was getting closer.
Suddenly it gave away and I slammed it up, I jumped up and into my room as my dad jogged down the rest of the way to my room. "Hall? You alright?" I slid the window shut and flopped onto my bed. I rubbed the sweat from my forehead as he barged in.
"Halley?" I grimaced, "I feel kinda sick." He came over and felt my forehead. "You're all sweaty. Here," he pushed the garbage can over to me. "Hope you feel better. Night sweet pea."
He was kinda squeamish.
He shut the door tight behind him and I couldn't help but enjoy the adrenaline rushing through me at the thought of almost being caught. It was like lightning coursing through my veins.
Is this what it was like to live?
I'm still here
The flashback
7th Grade
When my twin sister died, I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to cope.
My parents kinda fell apart.
And I sort of fell with them.

"Halley, come inside kiddo. It's getting dark."
I looked over my shoulder at my dad, silhouetted by the setting sun. His hand was waving over his shoulder as he called me in for dinner.
He'd sit me down, and we'd have our little talk. I take my shower and afterwards he'd tuck me in to bed.
"Dad.. Why can't I see mommy?" He fidgeted under my gaze at the end of my bed.
"It's hard to explain sweetie. Get some sleep alright? Don't forget your prayers."
I knew them by heart, having started praying a year ago. 
I lifted my covers and shuffled across my room.
I crouched by my window and looked up at the full moon.
I clasped my hands together and shut my eyes tight.

"Angles east and angels west,
North and South just do your best.
To watch me and guard me as I rest.
God Bless, Amen."
I snuggled back under the covers and fell fast asleep.
Hope Was Here
Alec, as it turned out, could be quite persuasive.
In the end, we had nearly every class together, because i'd begged really well.
"Math first." I sighed at him, "ew." He grinned and we stopped just outside the door.
"We could cut. We could.. go somewhere.." He was trapping me against the wall, his breath warm on my ear.
I smiled, "That wouldn't be too smart." he backed up instantly,
"You're right, come on." He held the door for me and we walked in.
I'm pretty sure i've never attracted more stares from anyone in my life.
After school, Alec drove me home. "Do you wanna come in? We could hang out, maybe watch a movie.."
The weather was started to look dreary, and I was sure i'd felt a drop of rain.
He smiled at me, "Uh, yeah sure." He followed me into my house and we made some popcorn.
"Never go into popcorn making business." He said as we sat down, "What? Why?!" He laughed and tossed a piece at me, "Because your popcorn sucks!" I stood up and threw a piece back and before I knew it we were in a full blown war, I crouched behind the couch and dodged kernals and he was trying to hide behind my large lamp. "You'll never beat me!" I yelled, but I stood up he was gone.
"Alec?" I turned around and he dumped the whole bowl down my shirt, "Ahh!"
He laughed and hugged me tight, and I giggled as the popcorn crunched between us.
He kissed my nose, "You're so beautiful." I laughed and started pulling popcorn out of my tee shirt, "Thanks a lot!" He winked, "You could always take it off." He shrugged and sat down, picking a kernal off his sweatshirt and popping it into his mouth. "Ugh, easy for you to say, you're a guy." he only laughed harder, so to spite him I started lifting the hem of my blouse. His jaw dropped considerably low, and I winked at him.
"I was joking, no pressure." He said slowly. I grinned, "It's no big deal. Wearing a bra is like wearing a bikini."
"Y..yeah but i've never seen you in one of those either!"
I shrugged at him, "oh well." And lifted my shirt off. I shook all the kernals out of it and blushed when he stared at me. I forgot i'd only had like the laciest bra I'd owned for clean laundry. Ah, well.
I pulled my blouse on again and sat down next to him.
"Well? Shall we start the movie? or do you want more popcorn?" He gaped at me.
"You just half undress yourself and then sit down like nothing happened..?"
"You could take your shirt off to be fair." He grinned lopsidedly, "fair enough. or you could take it off for me?"
My face got off, "I've actually never done that.." I trailed off and he hooked his thumbs on his sleeves and yanked his sweater off. Damn, did he work out?
I was staring, and I knew it, but jesus kid!
He pulled it on too soon and blushed like I did before.
"So, about that movie.."

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