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you were all i had left and then you left too.
school is honestly the biggest stress rn...
ugh god i feel like this is the only place that i can vent. Robby i want you sooo bad and idk if youre into this or not but i am 😅 i wrote you this but never sent it:"Robby I hope you can understand that I made a mistake on Friday I didn't mean to worry you or annoy you or upset you but honestly you were the one I texted first to apologize to because you're the one that matters the most to me. I felt that if everyone else knew it would be fine but if you knew I was done for. Srry if it seemed weird or If I was keeping you up but my first instinct was "oh god he's gonna hate me I have to fix it" These days I haven't got much to look forward to so I couldn't have afforded to lose one of the only things that puts me at ease. I feel like even though we've only really texted for a couple days that if I told you anything you would be there for me, and I really appreciate that. I know you don't know exactly what happened but I'd like to keep it like that. Plus I'm sorry that all of my friends and their families feel the need to harass you because I have a crush on you. Anyways I know you're probably thinking like what the heck because this text has no order or organization but I really just dumped my heart out so I wouldn't expect anything less. Thanks for reading this even though I'm probably just a nuisance to you now...I hope we can talk again but I understand if you don't wanna."anyways...if you see this some way somehow then yeah i like you but you already knew sorry i cant just be normal. im sorry i cant just back off because its obvious that you dont like me, its just a feeling that i cant shake and i dont know why im sorry that...idk im just sorry. even if nothing ever works out at least i can say i tried and i hope youll still think of me every now and again
im just gonna pour my heart out.
you make me feel like im on top of the world
whenever im around you, you give me so much more than just butterflies
your smile. your hair. your eyes.
you drive me totally and completely insane.
i know i made a mistake and i know we were never really a thing but i hope you understand.
you said that "things were okay" and "nothing i did would change your mind" but it seemed like things changed.
the truth is i think that i am in love for the first time
the truth is i loved you long before you knew it
im not just gonna back down because of one mistake
you may not feel the same but i feel that if i fight for you, i can make you see
make you see that we can be something special
something better than the norm
i just have to make you see......
-my unconfessed love for Ladybug
i wanna sleep next to you
but thats all i wanna do right now.