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Hi:) I'm Sydney! Comment, Fav, Follow?  Anything will do, and anything will make me happy! :)I'm 17, and a Senior in High School, WOOO!:D I love to sing, read, text, take pictures, and much much more! If there is anyting you want to know, just ask me :) I'm completely honest, and would love to talk to new people! I have Facebook, so let me know if you want to add me, or have me add you so we can get to know each other better! :) Thanks! <3 - Profile Counters

Quotes by sydney_mychel

We all have that one kid in our

class. who reminds the teacher

to pick up homework

>>when they are the only one


finished it<<


Rest in peace all those you have fallen for our country. <3 Always Remembered, Never Forgotten.
9/11, sent so many people to heaven.
So much was lost, at such a high cost.
We miss our loved ones, but have faith that they found their wings.
That's why we as a whole, look forward to what God brings.
Although many are up above, they still deserve our love.
And although there aren't here, they are still so near.
The are forever in our hearts, in our minds, and our memories.
Lets give them the honor, and remember them in serenity.
God Bless Everyone who gave their lives that horrid day.
But never forget those who continue to fight, so please pray.
We love you all, and wish you the best.
Rest peacefully, as we salute and cover our chests.
Red, White, and Blue.
We salute to you. <3

Anyone else like to wear his T-shirts or Hoodies that have his name on them??? And cologne? :3 <3

Guys with beautiful eyes; pretty teeth; adorable dimples.
Guys whose cheeks turn bright red when they blush.
Guys who text you "Good Morning" and "Good Night" every single day because they love you so much.

Am i the only one who loves getting hugs from a guy who smells completely amazing??
Does anyone else's heart melt when the guy you are in love with calls you baby? :3
And who else thinks boys with dimples are freaking gorgeous?! :3