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Hi there ^.^ My name is Sydney. I'm 14. my birthday is October 20th, 1998. I love zebras, sports, video games, and just being happy. I love helping people.. If you ever need someone to talk to message me, email me, etc. I will always be here. I don't care if I don't know who you are... everyone is a stranger until you get to know them right? (: I follow back.. love you <3

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I just wanted to say that the
movie " LOL " with Miley Cyrus,

is the BEST romantic movie i've

ever seen... well except for the

notebook. But for a teenager...

it's the best. GO WATCH IT <3
I'm 13 and still play club penguin, watch spongebob, full house, & wonderpets. Just because we grow on the outside, doesn't mean we have to grow on the inside. ^.^
Everyone who has ever thought of killing themselves...

I'm so happy you're still here 
He's/She's the one...
- you want to kiss in the rain
- you want to grow old with
- you want to cuddle with
-  you always forgive no matter what they do to you
-  who loves you no matter what
-  you love
-  you want to kiss under fireworks
-  you want to take cute pictures with
-  who's like your best friend.

<3 if the whole time you were thinking of someone.
Guess what guyss ?! ^.^

I'm vegan nowwwwww
I know no one is going to read this.. 
but I just need to let my feelings out.

 I lived in a place since I was born. my friends, family, pets, life was there but my mom's job moved her. So I moved with her. It's me and her here and my dad and sister in my home town.  I didn't want to move but I felt bad cause i'm a mommy's girl and I missed her. But lately... I've just felt so alone.. like I have no one cause first off i'm a girl and girl's judge each other a lot. girl's are just mean in general... but anyways.. the boy I dated in my hometown, we dated for 4 months and I fell in love with him.. but when we broke up he told me he never loved me, etc... I just hate living, i've been thinking and I'm ALWAYS there for my friends i've had three friends try to commit suicide and everytime I've talked them out of it.. but they're not even there for me.? when I moved they just forgot about me.. I have no true friends anymore, me and my mom fight all the time, I hate life. I don't see a point for it. I'm just done with life.. 
My cousin Mandy has two kids( a boy and girl) who are the cutest kids ever, and they're only 4 & 6.
She has breast cancer and has lost all her hair. But she is still gorgeous

1 Fave= Good Luck

Please fave, she has no hope in herself that she is gonna survive. <\3