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I've aptly prepared for the viewing of tonight's VS fashion show by stocking my kitchen with cookies, popcorn, and cupcakes.  Truth be told.....girls gotta eat. 

They suggested that the best thing before sleep was nothing.   You were to relax yourself into a hypnosis of drowsiness till your eyelids felt heavy and closed into a wistful sleep.  My eyes seemed to have an opposition to this inactive state.  In this nothingness, in this calm margin of the night came my endless thoughts, my wishing, my yearning, my planning.  I could lighten a room brimming with thoughts and ideas perhaps to match the illumination of the stars. It enabled my persona to share an identity with gleaming celestial objects above.   For in the morning I was a collected creature but this timing of the night had a yearning for my secrets.  It was almost as if it longed for a friend in its unruffled state.  Maybe I liked the fact that the night was as lonely as we all are.  Yet it seemed content with that simply because it contained all of the worlds magic for it was the timing where everyone’s deep seated dreams took place.

& so I hope boredom is seldom for in the lurking hours of the night you will find a sky with ears wide open.

RAWR. This quote has no significance.  I just like to RAWR. Ok? Okay.
I find it utterly disgusting that America promotes being alone as a wholesome and splendid idea.  It encourages the, “ I don’t need anyone attitude” turning you into this cold being.   In essence, it’s an attitude we adopt to numb the wanting of love.  We are taught, stop looking and searching.  But in reality if everyone stopped looking, and decided they wanted to be on their own, the earth would be a dark tombstone.  Love is life. Love creatives life.  You were made from the joining of two souls.  Don’t stop looking, don’t stop searching.  Quit being in denial.  Everyone wants and needs love and there’s nothing wrong with that.  When everyone accepts this, the world will be more loving of a place.  Learn to love, love and know that it's okay.
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad...all events have grand reason. After all, the only reason you’re able to say it’s a beautiful day  is because you’ve seen rain and thunder.
“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”

Time didn't have to exist when the world was created, but it does. Time exists so we have a place to leave our past and continuously move forward.
A woman is one who is clever enough to get her point across with a lilting voice, and has the proper choice of words. She persuades, and never demands. She never loses that childlike wonderment of the world around her. A feminine woman embraces her femininity, and all that it entails.
Grace in women has more effect than beauty. 
The whole secret of existance was to have no fears, no doubts, no regrets.