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the names kelly. i blow out the candles on october 22nd. i can be kinda bitchy but only of you are frist so dont be!!! i am nice and loud when you get to know me!! i love to play softball and basketball. i am a pitcher in softball. not the best but getting there. people say that i am kinda of girly but i love my sports!!!!
i am kinda tall. i love my friends and family. i would do anything for them. i lover of life an music!!!

well that is all you are going to get riht now wanna know more aboutme become my friend

sorry to who ever made me fan
art i think i might of deleted it i would
love some more!!!!!!

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Quotes by tHiNk_keLLyY

do you believe in
 loveat first sight
do i have to walk
by again ???

   Y i love you,
not only for what you are,
          but what i am Y
  Y when i with you



why are parkways called parkways
when you drive on them
why are driveways called driveways
when you park on them

if you really
want to do
you will find a
way. if you
don't you will find
an excuse
  when you feel like giving up, rember
why you held on so long
being happy doesnt mean that
everything is perfect, it means
that you have decied to look
beyond the
if i could do one thing;
i would kiss you
in the middle of the street
in the
pouring rain

Through all the arguments and our stupid
little fights, laughing with no reason, and
takling all night... picking on each other for
the stupid things we do... I accidentally
fell for you... but you were there, and you
caught me... stood me back up and took
me by the said you would love
me from now tell the end!