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the devil made me do it 
my name is taylor. i'm thirteen, and from new jersey. i love pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria, fall out boy, black veil brides, and blessthefall.

I've lived through a whole lot, through self harm, and i was so close to starving myself. my bestfriends got me through it all, and i've found god in it all, so i'm getting better(;

My kik is taayxox 21 , to anyone who wants to talk(: i'm here for anyone who needs, me. just remember:

taayxox21 !!

I also love Ocean City, NJ, because i bonded so much with my bestfriend there.

Quotes by taayxox

this feels like falling in love

who else is going to warped tour !?  
cute guys make you blush,
hot guys make you drool,
cool guys make you daydream....

but a funny guy can make you fall in love 
without even realizing it.

&   I can't live without you now, 
I can't even live with myself.  

  I knoI'm not 
the easiest one to love,

     but every ounce i have 
i invest in you 


the thought of anyone at my school finding out abou t  my witty and actually REEADING IT makes me shiver. like, dude that's pretty scary.

keep you coming right back for more, keep you coming right back for

   sophxoxo taayxox21  ❤ 


format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

so when you have
 today,  you should say
all that  you have to say.



starting the butterfly project.
wish me luck
and  as  we

own this night
i put your body
to the 

test with MINE.