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My name is Megan.(:  i blow out my candles on June 2nd. i'm 14 years old (: Witty makes me feel like i'm not alone in this world.♥ I'm a Christian ; I'm still working on it though. want to know more about me? ask .(:  i'd be happy to make new friends !
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Quotes by takeachancee

I fully believe that there is life in other galaxys ...
& I REALLLY want to go visit one .  :( 

oh, you like her?
   i mean..i guess that's cool too.. :/  

        i miss you..♥

Don't smile because it happened,  
Cry because it's over... (;
jk, that's totally not the spirit. O.o
telling someone to kill themself? & it being my best friend? you better watch out. karma's coming.
being so close &
looking into his
There could NEVER be a more beautiful you.♥
Two most important days in your life:
    1. The day you were born.
      2. The day you find out why.
they say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem..
but what if it isn't a temporary problem?
like you know it isn't going to end.
then is it okay?
If my best friend wanted to run away, i'd let her.
if that's really what she wanted to do & that's how she'd be happy,
then i would let her. but i'd go with her, of course.♥