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tatii.single.freshman.puerto rican.straight.
I can honestly say you won't find anyone like me.
I fall for guys way to easy. 
I can only call one person my BEST friend, his name is Lucas boyle.
This kid is like my brother I don't know what'd I do without him.
I love Elmo more than anything in this world.
gahh I'm a grammar nazi . deal with it.
<3A Day To Remember;wiz khalifa;Kid Cudi;Rise Against.

Anything you must  know about me,
feel free to ask(:
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Quotes by tatiibabii97

what race are you?
black people: black white people: 2% Greek, 9.1% German, .0000032% Russian, 92% Irish, 49% French, 100% blue eyed devil

My boyfriend is perfect.<3

I know no one is "perfect" but he treats me like an angel and he makes me the happiest girl in the world.

''i just wanna put my arms around your waist and tell you how beautiful you are''

this is what my soon to be boyfriend said to me.


watch this & smile!

My aunt saw me on this site & she asked me about it. I told her you make quotes and people favorite them if they like it or agree and she told me to make one saying if this got 300 + faves she'll quit drinking. She's had a problem with drinking since I was 3 years old, I'm now 14.  Please this isn't for attention just fave & make me happy. 

I just lost my best  friend,
what  a wonderful holiday.


You're not alone.

Do you like seeing me like this?