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tatii.single.freshman.puerto rican.straight.
I can honestly say you won't find anyone like me.
I fall for guys way to easy. 
I can only call one person my BEST friend, his name is Lucas boyle.
This kid is like my brother I don't know what'd I do without him.
I love Elmo more than anything in this world.
gahh I'm a grammar nazi . deal with it.
<3A Day To Remember;wiz khalifa;Kid Cudi;Rise Against.

Anything you must  know about me,
feel free to ask(:
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Quotes by tatiibabii97

He stared at me in the hall
so I started singing really loud.  


Who has a tumb1r?

comment with your link && i'll check out your blog<3

School starts tomorrow.

I don't want summer to end.  It was kind of boring, but I don't
want the nice weather to leave, tan skin, sleep-in days. I'm
not ready to throw it all away to deal with fake people, pale
skin, and DRAMA.


i  follow back:3

I want him to scream i love you down the hall.

me: okay look i know you have a girlfriend but i still love you & care about you. i kind of miss what we had because it was great. & that night on the beach was amazing but that's cause I was with you. You're cute & sweet and i love that about you. It kind of hurts to see that I was never good enough. This is hard to say&& i don't know why i'm even bothering you because I know you may not care but I had to say it. I'm sorry I wasn't good enough. Sorry for even saying this. Bye I guess.

Him: Okay... I have a girl friend and u have no clue how much i lik her. I just don't know what to say I mean u just can't say that now.

Me: I  understand you have a girlfriend && what, i'm suppose to keep this inside of me forever.

Him: Idk please just let me call u tomorrow I wanna go to bed.

Me: k though you probably won't but bye.

*I wanted to just cry && cry but I didn't i held it in because it wasn't worth it.
ooh to make it better his girlfriend read the messages...

Don't tell me things will  get better because I know they will obviously since i've heard it a million times before.

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