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im not perfect but i am happy the way i am and i will never change to suit anyone.


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its you and me a teenage love stroy. We are in 'love'. the way you smile each day makes me love you even more. We fight but that's how relationships go right? You fight but the love you feel for eachother is what brings you back together.

i love you . . . 


When i lost you

 i lost everything even our friendship . . .





It takes a few seconds to say hello  
But forever to say goodbye♥

I'm falling head over heals
But i wondering if its worth it. He has my heart but will he
Keep it? ♥

A flower may die! The sun may set!

But a friend like you, ill never forget!
Your name is precious! It will never grow old!
Its engraved in my heart! In letters of gold!
I love you


Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

bestfriends to love; always 
love to bestfriends; never


We ignore the people that care for us
but try and talk to the ones that ignore us.


I feel lost and weird
without you here.


wouldn't it be the perfect crime 
if i stole your 
heart and you stole mine?