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im not perfect but i am happy the way i am and i will never change to suit anyone.


Quotes by tay96

-if you love two people at the same time-

*choose the second one, because if you really loved the first person, you wouldn't have fallen for the other second*
 Johnny Depp

My favourite drink is petrol;
 Because I'm a tank

If loving you is wrong

 let me be wrong forever...




(S)tress (I)s (N)ow (G)one (L)ife's (E)asier


Sick of crying, tired of trying, yeah i'm smiling,
but on the inside i'm dying

Sometimes they try and break me down, other times I feel safe and sound, and I don't know why I'm weightless now but I'm guessing it's because we're running on air

Just because you and me are over doesn't mean i have forgotten you and Don't have feelings for you anmore.
-not my format.

And to think i Thought you were my friend and you go and stab me in the back haha my mistake.
-not my format.

I will never regret 'US'.
-not my format.
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