Status: scared. am i going to be okay?
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hey im taylor!! i looovvee witty and the color  green! and i have a awesome boyfriend named tristen<3:) i like giving advice so if u need any just meassage me!!:)

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FOOD yum yum yummyum yumyumyumyumyumyuymyumYUM

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why do people have to hate each other why cant we just all get along in this world why cant we just all agree and then no more war and then no war = peace and we wont have to worry about our loved ones getting hurt lets just try to get along <3

hey guys i need to loose weight can u help me by either faving = 2 push ups comment =10 sit ups and a fav = 4 pull ups thanls

when you try you best but u dont succeed when u get what u want but not what u need when u feel so tired but u cant sleep stuck in reverse and the tears com streaming down ur face when u loose something that u cant replace when u love some one but it goes to waste could it be worse?


dont play with a girls heart she only has one


i like to walk in the rain so nobody can see me cryinf

girl you talk too much shut up


if  your gonna be two faced ;
at least make one of them pretty.

-Marilyn Monrone


Isnt a excuse for getting drunk or getting high its to live you life


When life hands you lemons make orange juice and leave them wondering how you did it!!:)