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hey im taylor!! i looovvee witty and the color  green! and i have a awesome boyfriend named tristen<3:) i like giving advice so if u need any just meassage me!!:)

Quotes by tayl0rl0vesy0u

"I will wait for you even tho it wont happen i love you harry styles i hope i have that one thing and get you overwhelemed when i flip my hair i hope you r
ead this and see that i have that one thing
me:wanna here something i did today?
friend:ya sure
me:okay so i got this text from a random number and i said who is this and they said oh sorry i think i have the worng number and i was like U DANG RIGHT!

S miles.
They make you look beautiful. And they make others smile too [=


nmf/kinda my quote

I love you...

Harry Styles...


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