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Quotes by taylorisaG

Sometimes.."R.I.P" Meant "Return If Possible"
If you've ever been called ugly put this as your quote who ever ♥'s this thinks you're beautiful
I Find It Hard To Trust, Not Only Me But Everyone Around Me.
That moment when.... You try to wash your hands and your sleeve falls down -.-
Me:   lol I love you more somy_A_F:  no I love you more<3 Me:  <3 not possible   somy_A_F:  it is Me:  naahh   somy_A_F:  IT IS!! Me:  prove it (;   somy_A_F:  fine! Me:  <3 doo it

<3 thats what you call a bestie!
My Great Concern Isn't If God Is On Out Side.

My Great Concern Is To Be On Gods Side
Some Guy: Im In Love With You Taylor

Me: Uhhh Wanna Cookie?

Some Guy: No I Want You.

D'Awwwwwww Made Ma Day.
Will You Still Love Me When Im Young & Beautiful<3