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Quotes by taylorisaG

My Mom Is Getting Worse... if She Goes.. I Do</3
Im Losing You As A Best-Friand

I Joined Witty For A Reason.
Not Only Cause Its Highly Addicting
Also To Get Away From My Fears & Problems.
Yet They Get Worse
I Thought Witty Was My Escape
Its Is
But Its Not Just Witty
Its The People On Her That Actually Give A Flying Rats Azz About Me

And If i Missed You Im Sorry. My Life Is Hard. Yeah May Of You Say " Its Not As Hard As You Think It Is"
But My Life. Is Hard. No Matter What Yall Say.
Its Hard.
I Just Wanna Say Thank You To All You Wittans That Has Helped Me Through Those Hard Times.
And Keep Helping Me, Because I Need As Much As I Can Get At This Time.
My Mom Needs Treatement For Her To Cure.
Does That Show Enough Respect For You Do Go Say Things About Me Behind My Back?
No Its Doesnt At All.
Yet You Make It Worse Then What It Already Is.
So Please Do Tell Me Stuff That I Dont Know.
If You Think Im A Bit/h.
Go Ahead. Its Me. Im Being Me.
If You Dont Like Me? Fine Get Over It And Find Someone You Can Tell That Cares.

Brb.. Lemme Find A Faq To Give

Back. Could'nt Find One

Better Luck Next Time Biaatch.

Oh My Gurd. Megan You Crack Me Up!
Megan. Lovecrazy

Omg I Could'nt Ask For A Better Bestie Than You. Your Like My SIster. You Have Helped Me Through Alot Of My Stuff. Problems. Struggles. Your Always There. I Can Actually Call You<3 And Text And Message You On Here
I Wanna Say Thank You For All Your Help And That I Love You Forever<3 & Always Bby<3:*



Before A Man Can Wake And Find Him-self Famous
He Has To Wake Up And Find Himself
Grave Encounters.
Nuff Said.
These Wings Were Made To Fly
You illegal! Have Some illegal Actions
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