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Quotes by taylorisaG

You Wanna Know Whats Fake, You Actions Like Foreal
So Now That I Know. I Have 3 Different Last Names, And My REal Name is Christina? Lol Thanks For Letting Me Kno I Had Names I Never Knew I Had<3 Yeah Be Jelly
Ahaha The Only Ones That Have Showed Me That Is: Spencer, Alyx, And Megan
I Dont Even Know What Friendship Is Anymore?
Im So Happy Your Out Of My Life, No More Stress
I Loved You Once, I Love You Still, I Love You Forever &always Will<3
Me:  but im not   lovecrazy:  But you are. Me:  but im not.   lovecrazy:  Yes you are no shush Me:  u stfu   lovecrazy:  Rawrrrr Me:  no.   lovecrazy:  Yes bby Me:  no bby   lovecrazy:  But but but Me:  but but but nothing wh/re. lovecrazy:  But but but I loveee youuu Me:  but but i love you too   lovecrazy:  Oh good!

True Love Right Der;)
The South Will Rise Again

White Power
Being With Him Makes Me Fell Like Me<3
EveryThing Is Falling Apart, So How To Get Rid Of It...Im Done, Apparently You Dont See That You Are The Best Thing That Has Happend To Me
Mother: Anything You Do Or Say Would Be Put Against You
Me: Channing Tatum(:
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