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Quotes by taylorisaG

LMAAOO. im Done
You Think That You Love Me? Then Why Did You Leave?
imperfectly perfect<3 thats him
What Did I Do To Make You Leave? :L
When you say the word "Love"... no actually dont say because it would hurt me more in the long run when we go our seperate ways
why does it matter if he is fake? i like him for him ok!?
See When The Past Is Brought Up.. You Feel Even More Hurt Of What You Did To Me:) Hope You Happy
You Make It So Hard To Beleive In You
that girl i love like a sister too me
i love her dearly, she has helped me threw all my problems even though i may cry when i talk to her.. but she actually listen instead of those "friends" i have yeah. i dont count u as a friend. Meaning of friend is spencer. If you wittans know her and you know exactly what i am saying than u get the meaning of this quote! yeah i have those friends and i may have those fake friends which we all know who they are. But REAL friends i have a few that i know. Spence<3 Endija<3 Joshie<3 Rhi<3 Laura<3 Jannet<3 Eryn<3 Emily<3 Savvie<3
~taylor <3 love u all
I Really Don't Care, That You Care Anymore:)
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