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Hi , my name is Alexcia!

- Check me out on wattpad.com, SkittleLover23
- 18 years old
- Music is my life
- Communate, talk, and feel spirits. i have been able to do that since i started to talk
- Like to play video games and mystery computer games 

- Love and obsessed Ghost Adventures, Howl's Moving Castle, The X Files, Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, and Supernatural 
- Favorite bands are Areosmith, One Direction, Heart, Cheap Trick, Evanescence, Paramore, Flyleaf, Plain White T's, BOTDF, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Nickelback, Greenday, OneRepublic, Spice Girls, The Beach Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Nevershoutnever<3, Neon Trees, Avenged Sevenfold, Falling In Reverse, Hot Chelle Rae, Rolling Stones, Kiss, LMFAO, The Pretty Reckless, Maroon 5<33, and more

- MASON IS THE ONLY MAN I'LL EVER LOVE!!!!!!!! <3 googlekid1746 <3 ... mason wrote this(got hacked)

- Also in love with Harry Styles, Taylor Launter, Zak Bagans, Avan Jovia, Jensen Ackles, Adam Levine, and Severus Snape/Alan Rickman (i'm so like obsessed with this dude<33333) RIP dear Alan...
- I'm also a Daddy's Girl and a Mom's Sweet Girl. Also a Directioner. I'm Funny, Kindhearted, Ramdom, Loveable, and very Friendly
- These people that I list are amazing! Follow them!: LoveIsEverlasting, GrantO_O (my best lovely buddy of all time(; ), witty_guy_here, Marrus(:, Ineedmakyinme, jimboslice3 (my lovely little buddy who i miss talking to(: ), justinloveswitty, MotionlessDreams, BellaMareeRebolledoCullen98 (my witty big sister!), chris_is_beast, Zelo365, violetrock, JoshConnollyTheCoolKid(my loveable buddy who makes me smile), troy_is_cool (by best friend/buddy), Dylan_is_a_dinosaur(i miss this guy so much i can't even describe it), Nick63 (my nicke bear), guyscanbebrokentoo(my huggable adorable best friend ever!!!! i love you nemo<33 but he left and i miss him dearly), googlekid1746 (my little funny adorable cupcake[: who is now dead and i love him and will forever miss him), Leoneo<3, hateandlove (person who i can fangirl severus snape with[; and i love her), aleXXander (i love this guy alot and he is my alex bear), tonyhunter(alex's brother he's a great friend and he's my muffin but dont talk to him much anymore), Bantite(josh's gf and my bestie friend),flyingbacon7(she's just awesome), OmgzMichaelFTW(he's so adorable :3), MatthewwLoveesyouu<3(i just love this kid)

- if i missed anybody or you want me to add you on my list just tell me. anyways, follow me, chat with me, or check my profile out. Bye! :D


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Yeah Right Mason.Im First<3
Heeyyyy Guurlaayy<3
Is In Daaahhh House(((;
Helloo Youh Smexiii Wittayyannnzz c;
I beliieve Imm Heeeaaarr Tew Tell Youh..Yes Youh.
Youh Right There With The Nice Face,Yeeees Youh!
L-Loved Up(;
            E-Ecstatic <~~Idek?
      X~Extra Special
              C-Cool Azza Cookieh
                I-Ish Just Unbelievable
           A-All Round Perfect

She's Super Duper Pretty Like Whaaaat?o.o
Is it possible to be that pretty.

Im Totallaaayy Jealous Off Heeeerrr<3

Shes Perfect In Evurryy Singlee Way.
Shes The Most Awesomest
&Amazingest Person Evahh!!!

Lil' Alexiaaaahhhh
Falled Inluffah
Wivvah Boiii c;
A Nicee Boyyyy:'D
& Dem Beeh Inluffah c;
Wish You&Your Boiii The Besht Off Luck<3

Im Sorry The Hack Was Shieeet
Buh Ish 4:30am -.-
What Did Youh Expect?((;

Dont Missah Meh Tew Mush NoNo;D

Message Mee On Myh Ownn Acc

Will GoodBye Alexcia & Wittayanz<3
Love You Loads Allie(;

Dear pop tart,
And super duper amazing,
Alexcia i-i-is super funny,
Not as funny as me but shes funny:P
Don't let her lie, she loves me.
Yeah so I'm back!
Sparkly Unicorn.

Cupcake (

My hair looks really good in the pic!(:
Hai Alexcia's followers (: My names Jake and I'm cool. I'm a rebel huh :D  Penguins are cute. And so are you c:

Anyways, we met last night? But that doesn't matter, I think you're cool.(: You seem very nice and sweet. Also, you're down to earth! Most girls arent, well the ones where I live. You said I made you blush last night, YOU LIKE ME xD lool jk. (: Well I gotta go, I gotta go eat dinner! I'll talk to you in an hour(: STAY CUTE! :D

La La Love,
Jake (:
Ayee It's Marcus(:
I've known you for a while and you're sooo nice and pretty(:
Wow I feel like I'm doing a tbh status.
Oh well.
We so need to talk more!

Mason's Back!
I'm Bored So Yeah.
I <3 Mr. Cuddles

Hackked by Jimboslice3! <3
Heyo buddy its me Jimmy,
we need to talk soon on chat sometime!
Luv yu!!!!
Hello Alexcia's followers!
And if you are not following her u need to get yourself checked out cause she is awesome! 
I told u i would do this Alexcia!
Byee ttyl :)

Hey, you're getting hacked :D
It's Joshua, merp you need to come online more :o
Like we're never on at the same time, this girl
is amazing, & funny and sweet. You should talk to her :D
Follow her xD

Quotes by Lost Dreamer*

I Wish, I Wish

I wish, I wish
With all my heart
That tomorrow will bring me love
That the person I fell in love with
Will feel the same way
The same way that I do
So that we can be happy together
With no worries
Nothing without a care in the world
Would matter to me
Unless he’s by my side
I wish, I wish
With all my mind
That he would tell me the truth
The truth of his secret internal love
Of being much more than what we are
That he could just see
What we could become
Everyone else around him can see it
Tell us that we’re a cute couple
Tell us we’re meant to be
So if they could see it
Why can’t he?
I wish, I wish
With all my body
That he was more than my best friend
That it’s impossible to feel this way
That it’s wrong to think like this
Of the possible love that could happen
The love that seems so far away
But even I could feel this connection
The strong connection
That’s hard to feel and deny
The constant dilemma in my head
Of what is wrong
And what is right
I wish, I wish
With all my heart
That this will happen tomorrow
So that I can be happy and free
But will it happen?
Will we be together?
I believe it’s up to fate
Up to fate to decide

I miss everything about you
You were the one I wanted
The happiness of my life
You had my heart, but you shattered it
Its hard to accept that your over me
That it was all just a game
Now i'm left with empty memories
And a love that won't leave

Never give up on someone who you truly care about
My heart and soul feel empty
I don't wanna say goodbye
I wanna stay by your side
Let you be forever mine
I can spread my arms wide
To say that "I love you this much"
But home is where i belong
And you are my home
Maybe i'll sing you a song
Or just a simple melody
Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
- Steve Jobs
Love is a funny thing...

Your the apple to my pie
Your the straw to my berry
Your the smoke to my high
And your the one that i wanna marry..

~ Auburn - Perfect Two ~
I love it when your fingers are entangled in mine
I love it when my head is on your chest
& I can hear your heartbeat
It makes me feel safe...
Like nothing bad can happen

Shot through the heart
And your blame
Darling you love a bad name...

*So this is another song that i wrote a long time ago...enjoy!*

Becoming Undone
Hiding quietly in my room
I was hoping you would be coming back soon.
I felt my heart beating as I crawled along the floor.
I felt your presence coming through.
It got so cold that I couldn’t breathe.
Your shouting made me feel so small.
Made me feel so desperate and insecure.
There’s no room anymore.
I can’t feel my heart and my soul.
It’s hard for me to breathe, when I’m alone.
I loved the way your heart was beating against mine.
What do you want me to do now?
I had to breakaway…because I’m becoming undone.
It is getting harder to fall asleep.
I tried to let go, but I loved you too deep.
I then started to realize that something is wrong with me.
My point of view got all twisted up.
You couldn’t see that I was crying for help.
Now I trust no one but myself.
There’s no room anymore.
I can’t feel my heart and my soul.
It’s hard for me to breathe, when I’m alone.
I loved the way your heart was beating against mine.
 What do you want me to do now?
I had to breakaway…because I’m becoming undone.
I swallowed my pride.
I’m now frozen inside.
I’m down on my knees, trying to breathe.
When did this all begin?
I just want to be free to decide.
Will you ever disappear?
I’m like a ghost who won’t leave cause I need help.
I need to you to stay, stay with me.

There’s no room anymore.
I can’t feel my heart and my soul.
It’s hard for me to breathe, when I’m alone.
I loved the way your heart was beating against mine.
What do you want me to do now?
I had to breakaway…
There’s no room anymore.
I can’t feel my heart and my soul.
It’s hard for me to breathe, when I’m alone.
I loved the way your heart was beating against mine.
What do you want me to do now?
I had to breakaway…because I’m becoming undone.

Becoming undone.
I can’t feel my heart or soul.
I need to breakaway.
I’m not that strong.
And I need you here with me.