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Well, I'm Taylor and I really only have 3 real friends. Kinda sad. But, in this day and age, it's a blessing to have 3 friends as close as we are. On December 5, 2011 the love of my life asked me out. Sadly, on January 3, 2012, it ended. After that, I lost the ability to love. But, I've become a better person and learned from it. I'm now more open, so if anyone needs to talk to someone, i'm here. I promise, I won't judge. I'm fun, caring, and well, somewhat nice. Just don't get on my bad side. I can be your bestfriend, or your worst enemy [: I honestly don't care what anyone says to or about me so don't bother talking sh!t.. I'm curently single and intend to keep it that way untill I actually meeet a nice guy. Music? Oh god, don't even get me started on that... I love every type of music lolol. Sooo... yeahh lmfaoo. 
I'm a new writer and lemme tell yah, it feels gooood to put all my idea's on paper c: My new story is about a girl named Ashley who literally has it all. The looks, the money, the friends, and the boys are all over her. Too bad she's a good girl. But, a new kid moves next door to her. His life strangely revolves around his little sister and he is very nervous around Ashley. Guess people are right. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.. 
Summer 2011 forever B!otchess <3


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Personally, I think that Toby is just playing to role of "A."He loves Spencer. Remember before he left? He said "I'm gonna really find out whats happeneing." That's why he's always out of town. Instead of that job, he's working his way into "A" and finding out what their gonna do next, and maybe even trying to stop it.


Behind Closed Doors
Chapter Ten

I was speechless. "Ashley, say something. Anything" He pleaded. "You...You lied to me. Why?" I manage out. "I didn't want to seem like a jackass. I thought you wouldn't like me anymore." He says shyley. "That still does not give you the right to lie to me. I wouldn't have cared if you had a kid or not. You know I love Elizabeth." He was quiet for a while. "But, I do understand where you're coming from. I'm not mad.. i'm just upset how you kept this from me when I was your friend, Randall." He looks at me with pleading eyes. "I just thought, you would look at me differently than how you do now." I hesitate. Do I like Randall.? No.. "Tell me." He gives me a confused look. "Tell you about what?" I say, "How it happened. Why you left her mother. Tell me everything." He hesitates. "Oh. Her name was Michelle. She was the the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I fell in love with her the instant that I met her. That was two years ago. After the first year we were together, we decided to.. ya know.. and the condom broke. After she found out she was going to get an abortion. I didn't want that. How can she even think that? Something we created out of love? Just kill it? She said we were too young to have a baby. That it would be so hard. And somehow, I mandaged to get through her stubourness. She told me" He paused, " She told me I have to take care of the baby. Alone. She wanted nothing to do with it after it was born. I asked her 'Does this mean...Does this mean.. you're... breaking up with me?' I asked. "She said, and I quote 'I'm sorry. I can't deal with this. It's too much to handle. I can't have a relationship with the father of my baby when I want nothing to do with the baby.' As the months went by I had to get a job, start getting baby furniture and stuff. My mom was actually supportive. Sure she was dissapointed, but she stuck by me. I told her everything and she started helping me. We had to make a big decision. wether to stay or leave. So, I decided, that I want to raise it somewhere nice. So, we found out the gender. We were having a girl. We started talking and figureing out baby names. She said she wanted to give her her middle name. She said she wanted her middle name to be summer. Obviously, she would be taking my last name, but, I needed to pick out her first name. Then, it hit me. My best friend's name was Elizabeth. So I picked it out. Then when the baby was born, I got to go in the room with her. And, when my little girl came out, it was like everything was complete. That I have to protect her. I have to. Michelle didn't even show any kind of love towards Elizabeth. It was sad. But, when we could, we left the hospitol and settled in the house. I got over Michelle. Looking at her discusted me. So, when I couldn't stand being in that town anymore, we left. Then ended up here." I was speechless, yet again.

Long chapter. I know :/ Sorry!


Behind Closed Doors
Chapter Nine

I turn on the T.V and put in a dvd. "You wanna see shows from when I was a little girl?"  "Yeeeessss." They say enthusiasticlly. "This is rugrats. It's about baby's that can talk. Ok, Im going to take a quick shower. Stay here I'll be right in that room if you need anything." I point to my bathroom "Okay." I quickly hop in the shower and come out and go into my closet to pick out what I'm going to wear. Finally i have the perfect outfit. Im going to wear my pink bathingsuit, a loose white blouse, jean shorts,  my army combat boots, my favorite beanie and a ring my dad got me before he died. I come out of my closet and put hairspray in my hair. Then I put light makeup on. "Canyou put make up on us?" Says Isabel. "Suree. Come here." I put blush mascara and lipgloss on them. Randall comes in and says "Knock, Knock." And his eyes go wide.  "Wow." Is all he says. Elizabeth runs up to Randall, "Daddy, Daddy! Look! I'm pretty!"  Randall freezes. "We aren't playing that now sweetie. But, you're always beautiful." She smiles. But, look how pretty Ashwee is! shes bootyful."  "Yes, she is." Randall smiles. "Well, I have to get you to gramma. Be right back, gorgeous." He winks at me and brings Elizabeth home. I call the nanny and she said she'll be over in 5 minutes to watch the kids. Surprisingly the nanny and Randall get here at the same time. Randall holds the door open for me and escorts me to a blaack SUV. "Look, what I got. Now you don't always have to give me rides to school. I can take you to school now." He grins. We get to the board walk and start riding all these rides. Finally, we go eat at a diner. "Okay, so well.. I really have been wanting to tell you something... I don't know how you're going to react though."  "Just say it. I promise I won't judge." He pauses. "Okay.. well.. Elizabeth isn't my sister...... She's my daughter..." 

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Behind Closed Doors
Chapter eight

I wake up to hear Elizabeth crying. She says "Daddy, I'm scarred." Again with the daddy..? "It's okay baby i'm right here." He says concerned. I sit up "What happened? Whats wrong?" I say. "Liz had a bad dream. I don't know what to do." I look at Elizabeth. " hey sweetie come here." She reaches out to me so I pick her up and start rocking her back and fourth. "What happened?"  "I had a scarrry drweam."  "Well, it's okay. I'm here now."  "C-can I s-sleep near you tonight.?" She asks quietly. "Why yes. Yes you can." And we all go back to sleep. I wake up, again and Elizabeth was cuddled up against me and Randall, Isabel and Tommy were gone. I try and get up without waking Elizabeth but it doesn't work. She opens her eyes and asks "Where are you going?"  "I'm going downstairs to see what's going on. Wanna come.?" She puts her arms up "Yes." I pick her up and carry her downstairs. Randall is in the kitchen making bacon and eggs. Tommy and Isabel are watching T.V. "Don't we have school..?"  "Yeah, but I thought we could skip for one day. Ya know. Play hookie." He winks. "I put Elizabth down on the couch and she starts watching T.V. "You know, you're really good with her. Last night, I couldn't belive it. She really likes you." He said. "Yeah, well I really like her. She is such a sweetheart. " We speant the rest of the day laying around and watching T.V. "Hey, I just noticed what you're wearing." I look down at my I <3 Cats t-shirt and cat slippers. "Yeah, well I love my cat. Speaking of cats where is my baby?" I get up and look around for him. Of coarse he's laying on top of the air vent. I pick him up and go sit on the couch. "Kitty!" Says Lizabeth. A couple more hours pass and Randall says "Okay, time to go. Ashley has got to get ready!" He grins. Ready? For what? 'i'm taking you out. Remember.?"  "Oh yeah. Alright give me an hour." "Can i stay and watch Ashwee get Wreddy?" Says Lizabeth. "It's okay with me." I look at Randall. "Fine. But, you'ree coming home for a bath after. Gramma's watching you. Oh and Ashley. Wear something cute and put you're bathingsuit on underneath." He grins. "Oh okay." I take off with Lizabeth, Tommy, and Isabel trailing along. 

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Behind Closed Doors
Chapter six

Randall is paceing back and forth and shaking. I don't know what to do. I go over to him. "Randall, calm down. " I say quietly. He looks at me angrily. "Calm down?! Calm down?! How do you expect me to 'calm down'? How can YOU be so calm about this, Ashley. He slapped you. In the face. You're being a pushover." I jerk my head to face him. "A pushover?! I dealt with it! You had NO right to do what you did! I took care of it!" He looked hurt. "I was just trying to help.." I'm speachless. "Whatever. Let's just leave." We left and the car ride was a very quiet one.  When we got to my house and Randall and I walked up the stairs just to see Tommy getting on one knee and "proposing " to Elizabeth. "Lizabeph, will you marry me?"  "Yes! Yes! I will!" Randall chuckles "Liz, you will not get married before me." Elizabeth's face saddens. "But, I love him!" "That, is so cute." I say. "Yeah, well it's time to go. Say goodbye to your prince charming." He looks at me. "Look.. I'm sorry.. for everything that happened today. It just.. it just reminded me of what happened to my best friend in my old town. Her boyfriend.. beat her unconciouss. I only found out when I went to her house and he was there.. kicking her. In the stomach. She was also pregnant. They werent able to save them. Either of them. I just got there too late. I don't want to see that happen to you." I just stood there. Without me knowing, I reached over and hugged him. "Thank you. Really. I appreciate it.. It's just.. you're face.. It's like you weren't there." "Well, let me make it up to you. Friday, we'll go out. There's something I've been meaning to tell you anyway.." I smile "Sounds like a plan." He looks to the top of the stairs "COME ON ELIZABETH!" A little voice says "Coming!" And she scampers down the stairs and with one last glance, he leaves. 


Behind Closed Doors

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