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hey guys its emilyyyy! :) Soooo I'm a sophomore in high school and from Jersey(: I love Taylor Swift and my best friends are my cousins. I know it's hard being a teenager, when you don't know who your true friends are and everybody is constantly hurting you.  Lately I've been more prone to getting hurt. I guess I live in a fantasy world where the people you call best friends stay by your side through thick and thin and prince charming arrives on his white stallion and takes you to his castle for a happily ever after.  Well I've noticed that life doesn't really work that way.  Best friends can turn into just another person in the crowd or they can even hate your guts.  It hurts but there's always somebody who cares. Always. Maybe the only thing left for you to run to is your favorite song, I know I'll always have witty(: So be who you are, if bitches don't like it they can take a hike. Basically all you have to remember is, don't let ANYBODY bring you down<3

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No matter what I say I'm
not over you.

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I always like other girls' profile pictures of themselves

because i know how it feels to get zero likes.


Ever noticed that it's mostly guys who work at subway?
yeah, whos making the sandwich now!

If you ask me how i'm doing

 i would lie and say that your not on my mind


  There's people talking, they talk about me. They know my name they think they know everything

         but they don't know anything, about me.


Bring out the worst in people.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
there's a place for me.

A place with you.

I guess I'm just stuck in the past in my elementary school days, while everyone else is running towards the future.

A girl who went to a high school in my area was in a car crash 2 days ago.  She died last night after being in critical condition.  Her brother was driving the car and someone ran an intersection and hit the passenger side door.  Could you imagine coming to school one day and finding out your best friend is seriously injured? Or that girl who you sit next to in history is dying? Facebook was blown up with statuses about her.  Everyone wore green to school today because it was her favorite color. People who didnt even know her are in mourning. Its like one day your sitting in class with her, and the next day shes just, gone.  For all of you who wonder if anyone would miss you if you died.  Let this show you that even complete strangers would care.
Rest in Peace, Karah<3