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hey guys its emilyyyy! :) Soooo I'm a sophomore in high school and from Jersey(: I love Taylor Swift and my best friends are my cousins. I know it's hard being a teenager, when you don't know who your true friends are and everybody is constantly hurting you.  Lately I've been more prone to getting hurt. I guess I live in a fantasy world where the people you call best friends stay by your side through thick and thin and prince charming arrives on his white stallion and takes you to his castle for a happily ever after.  Well I've noticed that life doesn't really work that way.  Best friends can turn into just another person in the crowd or they can even hate your guts.  It hurts but there's always somebody who cares. Always. Maybe the only thing left for you to run to is your favorite song, I know I'll always have witty(: So be who you are, if bitches don't like it they can take a hike. Basically all you have to remember is, don't let ANYBODY bring you down<3

Quotes by taylorswiftismylife

you could be the best of me
when im the worst for you


Today I saw an 80 year old couple holding hands and walking out of a movie

And for the first time in 2 days,

I smiled

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That annoying moment when:

Your hardly friends with a guy but once you start talking about hooking up it's like 

Bam! Best friends for life.


Sometimes you just have to jump

and find your wings on the way down



even though I'm only
5 foot and 1 inch tall,

I seriously want a guy who is over 6 feet tall.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That awkward moment when

a guy's boobs are bigger than yours...


Love me or hate me, either way your thinking about me ;)  


All year I've been afraid to tell you...

Now I have nothing to lose...

So tell me, do I really have a chance with you?


Best guy friends.
the ones who you can be your complete self around, who you can scream i love you to and not have it be awkward.
but there's always those moments when you wonder 
if he's hiding the way he feels.
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