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alll the poems i subnit are 100% MINE..feel free to use them but dont take credit cuz that just means ur too jealous that u cant do that kinda work on ur own

Quotes by taymill

this ones fo all those girls out there who feel that noones cares .. the ones who always get left out n are left in dispare .. yah they have great friends but there comes a point when you just want someone to love you .. sit there watchin all your friends walk around wit their boys .. holdin huggin kissin eachother and u sit there not maken ne noise .. dont even no wut its like to be in love .. cuz everytime you love its like a drug .. makes you feel good till they tell you they dont love you back .. then your back to point a.. all i want is someone to tell me the truth .. someone to love me and hold me wen we go to tha photo booth .. someone to make me feel like i fit in .. someone to show me that love can b a good thing

100% mine use if you want .. <3
is there any boys around that kno how to
make a girl feel..that wanna make a girl feel
make her feel good?
i am very very proud to be a part of a generation that stands up and doesnt just sit down when the world is bein torn apart by hunger aids ..." alicia keys
nOthiinq iS hardEr thAn lEttiinG qO oF
sOmeoNe whO yOu havE qrOwn tO lOve
fOr a whOle yEar..thiinKiinq evEry dAy Of
thAt onE yeAr thAt hE miiGht liikE yOu baC
bUt thEn whEn iiT iiS timE tO lEt qO..iT iS thE
harDest ThiinG iin thE wOrlD tO dO..evEn thO
nOw yOu knO..hE iisnT qOnnA lOve yOu baC

my feelings right now-100% mine use dont abuse
These streets, they seem so much longer now
The wind , it seems so much colder now
And Im all alone walking these streets

You, you seem so much further now
My feelings, seem to be invisible now
And Im left feeling responsible

My thoughts seem to float around
I dont know whats going on anymore
Seems everyone knows you better than me

Things are happening, leave me confused
I cant be mad at you, theres no reason
But why is this happening now

You seem to be hiding something,
I have to beg you to know now,
Never before have things been like this

And so, for one last time
Ill walk these lonley streets
wondering whats going on

And for the last time,
Ill think of you and what your doing
But always know I love you

100% mine-ii love you so much
theres- a million reasons (why i cry)
_hOld my cOvers tiiqht so late at niiqht
. . . >> cause ii dOn`t wanna be alOne
_ ii lOve yOu _

use Arial size 8 and make million bolded and red with the rest of the words white and the backround black

<3 tayla
you cant help who you love. . your not supposed to
-Save the Last Dance

best movie-<3tayla
Reality is Wronq.Dreams are Real__x33-

lOveit - tayla
I am the one you denied
Pushed me off everytime I tried
But I'm alright
I'm able to swallow my pride
And put all the bullshit to the side
If you ready to ride
Im down for a one night stand
I'll accept it any way that I can
Cuz I aint yo man
I'll try for whatever its worth
Just remember who played who first

-best song EVERRRR by lloyd bankss-karma
you cant help who you love. . your not supposed to
-Save the Last Dance

best movie everrr