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hey im taylor(: thanks for coming to my profile, it means the world
to me when people like my quotes! i work so hard to make them
perfect (well to me). im 15 and love quotes and music<3 im pretty
dang tall..actually im only 5'10''(; bleh i dont know what else to
say except live life the way u want to and to the fullest! dont worry 
bout anyone else thinks(:<33 loveya<33

Quotes by taytay1028

sometimes you're the windshield..sometimes you're the bug..

the problem is NOT  the problem..The problem is your attitude about the problem

mama always told me to use my voice..so i got a tattoo on my fist..it says "voice and boy mama do i use it(:
in some point of our lives were
going to be at second base. .
ya know the time when theres no coach, were all alone,  deciding for ourselves (when to run and when to stay) , surrounded by our competition.  but after we push through and make the good decision (of when to run) we get then get help to follow through and successfully make it home, scoring big(:


I like school..except the classes
get in the way..

Ya Know I Wish I Had Was Jesse's Girl </3
..that's all it took for you to throw it ..us..all away..

" Happiness isn't  just  a mat that
               sits on your door way..."