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Hi, I'm Caroline and I'm 16 years young! I swear I was born in the wrong country and I belong in England. If you knew me, you would know that I'm shy at first but get crazy and weird when I'm around people I know and love. I'm nowhere close to perfect, but who is? I have my bad days and my good days. I let things get to me and take things to heart. I cry over the smallest things. Sometimes I have trouble controlling my temper and I get annoyed easily and impatient fast. But I'm a caring person and will do anything for those I love if they're willing to do the same for me! Here are a few things you should know about me:

{+} ice cream, deep conversations, cats, travelling, old photographs, reading, anything vintage, the color mint, Taylor Swift, the sun, movie nights, horses and horseback riding, thunder storms, swimming, the ocean, Disney World, animals, Harry Potter, anchors, photography, fashion, old cars, smiling, laughing, my family and friends, One Direction, pottery, H2O: Just Add Water, The Hunger Games, mini golfing, plane rides, wooden rollercoasters, and much more...

{-} spiders, change, crying, the desert, traffic, obnoxious people, backstabbers, old movies, tomatoes, boats, the new Disney Channel, rapping, cartoons, fights, big cities, Justin Beiber, when people dress their dogs, extreme heat, loud talkers, being too early, people who are afraid to bend the rules, liars, exaggerating, group projects, running, braggers, the smell of new cars...

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when you're trying to pick something up off the floor
but you fail repeatedly 
and it looks like you're giving the air a lap dance...


can you take a moment,

p r o m i s e   m e   t h i s . . .  
            that you'll stand by me
                  but if, God forbid, fate should step in
and force us into a goodbye
      if you have children someday,
when they point to the pictures,
please, tell them my name...


i order my food based on how Instagram-worthy it seems


i order my food based on how Instagram-worthy it seems

and all I feel 
                in my stomach is butterflies,
     the beautiful kind



taylor swift.

t o u r.
floor seats.

nuff said


"I don't know if you know who you are...
until you lose what you are"
-Taylor Swift       dfgdfgdfgdfg


According to quantum physics:
 I exist in several parallel dimensions
at the same time,

that exactly resemble our own,
in which each event in my life
has a different outcome.

so that means that
in a parallel universe,
I am married to Harry Styles...


Tonight let's get some, and live while we're young.                                           
This evening let us be sexually active and exist while we are adolescents.