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I love putting my quotes in the funny category cause it's just like
proving the fact that I'm hilarious. 
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Have you heard about the corduroy pillow?

I hear it's making headlines

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.
— Swedish Proverb
sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger 
A lot of people like to trash teenage girls because of
our "insane" crushes on band members. And it really
bugs me because those insane crushes have helped
me,and a lot of girls, get through hard times.  Sometimes,
it's nice to listen to One Direction, and be able to hear
songs about how great I am without them expecting
anything in return. I can listen and hear how much
these cute, nonthreatening boys want to make me feel
special. No one is pushing me. There's no one shoving
their hands down my shirt without my consent. These
band members aren't pressuring me to send them
pictures, probably only to show all their friends and
call me a sl/ut later. When teenagers have a
crush on a band member, we have the power. And I
don't know why people judge us for wanting to 
escape into that. 

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What I'm really scared of is leading an average, ordinary
life, with a regular job and a regular routine, planned
holidays, a normal household, fixed responsibilites and
not doing anything to be remembered by. 

"Sometimes, I want to ask God 
why He allows poverty, famine, 
and injustice in the world when 
he could be doing something 
about it, but I'm afraid he might
ask me the same quesion."


-Abdu'l Bahá