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Hey:) It's Taylor. Im 14 and I love playing soccer:)
I love Justin Bieber!
I love all of my friends and my family.
Witty is awesome, I love talking to new people. :)
Im so happy for the new year. 
I like to go shopping, and my life is filled with laughter.
If your reading this, You might as well just click the follow button. :)
Haha I like to make jokes! :) And like to strut my swagg! <3
Oh and I can't forget Fred! lol
I love Fred :) He's so funny!



Quotes by tcampbell005

I put fashion shows on for myself.
Because let's face it I'm a gorgeous beast!

*low battery*
*low battery*
*low battery*

Well apparently you 
have enough battery
to remind me every
2 frickin' seconds!

Not my format
I wasn't that drunk.......

       Dude, you threw my parakeet at my piggy bank and screamed "ANGRY BIRDS!"

R.I.P Wittney Houston

Some of us were dropped as a baby.....

But YOU were obviously thrown in a pit of vicious tigers, Kicked to the curb, set on fire, and drop kicked to China!

That "Aww Shiz" moment when you finish painting you're nails and you go to do something and you mess one up!

If I Woke Up From A Coma
& Josh Hutcherson told me he was my husband, I wouldn't question it.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly,      
I don't think you're ready for this jelly,                
I don't think you're ready for this,       __   
Cause my body's so                               |     |

           BOOTYLICIOUS         0   o

(: Senior Bucket List :)

1. Drink blue gatorade out of a windex bottle.
2. Eat crushed oreos out of a flower pot.
3. Learn how to surf in Navajo Lake.
4. Learn how to do a bicycle kick.
5. Dress up like Lady Gaga and walk around town.
6. Start a flash mob consisting of 15 people.
7. Glow in the dark soccer/ capture the flag with glow paint.
8. Solve a rubics cube.
9. Make a movie of secret agents for a whole day.
10. Fry eggs and bacon on the sidewalk.
11. Reach speeds of 15 mph
12. Watch 10 movies in one day

Life without both parents is rough.
Fav if you're parents are divorced.