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What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Hey there! I'm Natalie. I'm 14 years old, gonna be 15 soon, and live in the United States. I am currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse...What?!? It's bound to happen sometime! I gotta be prepared! Yeah..well as you can see, I'm kind of a geek, but thats okay! We can be geeks together! I am obsessed with One Direction..They are my life! My favorite is Liam Payne! My favorite song from them is "Stole my heart". But I like other bands too! Like Maroon 5 & Green Day! I LOVE Josh Hutcherson and Taylor Lautner! I guess you could say that I'm awesome...IF you wanna...xD. If you ever need a laugh, well I'm your girl!!! I might not seem like the type, but I love video favorite game is Gears of War. (Yeah, I cried when Dom died) I also love Left 4 Dead and Halo....I've tried playing Dead Space,but to be kinda creeps me out. Lately I've been watching anime, and I gotta say...I'M LOVING IT!!! BLACK BUTLER ROCKS!!! I love Pokemon. SQUIRTLE!!! If you want to add me on Facebook, comment on my profile and I will send you my url... Follow me on twittah? @NataliePayne1D Well that's it for now! Bye bye! =D x

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You know, I've tried
I've tried real hard
But I just can't anymore
I'm done...
I love you Boobear! ^-^
Thank you for everything…

But honest to god,
Please. just. give. up. on. me.
Hey Witty, I'm back! I'm sorry that I left you guys so suddenly.
I needed time to get my head together and I thought being alone would be best. But I realized that what I really need is you guys. You guys give me strength. I would've killed myself a LONG time ago if not for my Witty friends. I want to thank everyone for your kind words and inspiration. I'll try being on as much as I can.

Thank you! Xx c:
Hey witty!

So I know a lot of you have been wondering if I am still writing my fanfic. Yes I am. I've just been busy and have had a sudden and unexpected death in my family. I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting, just bear with me please? I will upload the story ASAP.

Thank you, bye! c:
I've been Up All Night,
Now Take Me Home...

So proud of my boys. ^-^
Omg! Totally fangirling right now! I seen the LWWY video! Ahhh it's just so Flippin Amazayn!! ^_^

*le dies* ^-^
~1D Fanfic Parts~

***Sorry if you didn't get the part you wanted...I just got so many comments, and only so many parts :c BUT! I will be writing more fanfics in the future, so don't lose hope!***


Harry's crush/love: Beth~ likeyerh
Niall's gf: Duranka~ LambExohiko
Niall's ex gf: Kari~ JustAn0therGirl
Zayn's gf: Julietta~ ThisRandomGirl
Zayn's ex gf: Ellie~ RainbowDinosuarPoop
Liam's ex gf: Sophie~ BrainySmurf123
Louis' gf: Kate~ 1DPrincess143
Louis' ex gf: Justine~ VioletSunshine

***If parts are taken and you still want to be in the story, just comment who you want to be with, and I'll try to fit you in as a best friend of something. I'll TRY.***
Okay so I've finally decided to start my 1D fanfic...
I'm still doing imagines, I'll just do them inbetween chapters.
I am casting parts!


Harry's gf:
Niall's gf:
Niall's ex gf:
Zayn's gf:
Zayn's ex gf:
Liam's ex gf:
Louis' gf:
Louis' ex gf:

° short description
° Hobbies
° Anything else you want! ^_^

***If parts are taken and you still want to be in the story, just comment who you want to be with, and I'll try to fit you in as a best friend of something. I'll TRY.***

Good luck, and
May the Odds be Ever in your Favor...

  Every time she laughs she hopes he's watching, hoping that he will fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his.