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What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Hey there! I'm Natalie. I'm 14 years old, gonna be 15 soon, and live in the United States. I am currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse...What?!? It's bound to happen sometime! I gotta be prepared! Yeah..well as you can see, I'm kind of a geek, but thats okay! We can be geeks together! I am obsessed with One Direction..They are my life! My favorite is Liam Payne! My favorite song from them is "Stole my heart". But I like other bands too! Like Maroon 5 & Green Day! I LOVE Josh Hutcherson and Taylor Lautner! I guess you could say that I'm awesome...IF you wanna...xD. If you ever need a laugh, well I'm your girl!!! I might not seem like the type, but I love video favorite game is Gears of War. (Yeah, I cried when Dom died) I also love Left 4 Dead and Halo....I've tried playing Dead Space,but to be kinda creeps me out. Lately I've been watching anime, and I gotta say...I'M LOVING IT!!! BLACK BUTLER ROCKS!!! I love Pokemon. SQUIRTLE!!! If you want to add me on Facebook, comment on my profile and I will send you my url... Follow me on twittah? @NataliePayne1D Well that's it for now! Bye bye! =D x

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Imagine for Forever_Myself:

You have been planning a trip with your friend, Kate. You both decided to go to London. "Omg! Dalia, are you as excited as I am?" She asks you, as you pack. "Nope...I'm more excited!" you say as you finish packing, making your way to the car. The ride was pure excitement and singing with Kate.
You reach the airport and board the plane, unfortunately not sitting by Kate. You know that the flight will take a while, so you decide to pass the time listening to music. You put on headphones and close you eyes, taking in the music. You get slightly aggrivated when someone steps on your foot, trying to sit next to you. "Sorry love" you barely hear someone say. You open your eyes and start to say "No probl-" but choke on your words when you realize that the person is HARRY STYLES!!!
You both spend the entire flight talking and getting to know eachother. He tells you that he is visiting family. He invites you to meet his family sometime and gives you his number. You accept and try not to fangirl in front of him.
Harry is really sweet, he even helps you with your bags when the plane lands. You find Kate and tell her everything that happened. You both start fangirling while people stare at you. You hear someone clear their throat. You turn and stare in horror at Harry, standing there with an amused look on his face. " basically, you forgot one of your bags..." he says. "Thank you" you reply, turning red. "No problem, I'll see you later then." Harry says walking off.
You spent the rest of the weekend trying to work up the nerve to call or text Harry. You're about to call him when you get a text, simply saying 'hey :)' Confused, you ask them who they are. Your heart beats faster when you read 'It's Harry'.
You get ready to meet Harry's family. You've been seeing everyday since the plane ride. He knocks on the door, and Kate calls you. You meet him outside, and he starts staring at you. "What?" you say, "You look absolutely gorgeous today..I mean everyday, but..." he trails off, embaressed. 'This it it, my chance to show him how I feel' you think. You pull him to your face and smash your lips against his. He puts his hand at the back of your head, deepening the kiss. You pull away, and rest your forehead on his. "Wow, I thought I was the only one that felt this way." Harry says. "Who can resist these curls?" you tease, playing with his hair.
You arrive at the party, and get to know Harry's family. You smile when he introduces you as his girlfriend.
The time has been great but, everything comes to an end. It's time you and Kate go home. You tell Harry, and he doesn't take it well, storming out of the house. You silently cry as you start packing. You go to the airport, sad that Harry hasn't told you goodbye. You're about to board the plane, when you see Harry running towards you. "Wait, Dalia I know we've only known each other for a short time but I know, in my heart, that you are the person I want to grow old with. I live to see you smile. Will you marry me?" he finishes, getting on one knee and pulling out a ring. "Yes Harry!" you scream, forgetting that you're about to leave the country. He kisses you. "I love you, Dalia." Harry says. "I love you too." you reply. He places the ring on your finger.
~Three months later~
You decided to stay in London with Harry. You explained everything to your relatives. They even flew to your wedding! You and Harry are currently expecting your first child. You have everything you've ever wanted and more....
You got your happily ever after...

If you didnt read the entire thing, I understand. I just got excited and wrote a lot...sorry! ^-^
My mom just called me ugly, fat, and worthless.
I feel awful. She doesn't know what I'm going through, she probably never will. She doesn't how much thoses words alone affected me right now. She doesn't know that I've came close to killing myself many times, that I still get suicidal thoughts.
She doesn't know. And that's the worst part.
She has NO idea...
*Stalking crush on Facebook*
*Accidentally likes status from 2009*
*Deletes Facebook*
*Sets computer on fire*
*Travels to Mexico*

Imagine for likeyerh:

You're getting ready for tonight. Tonight all your dreams come come true. For tonight, you are finally going to a One Direction concert! You begged you mom to let you go. She refused, but realized how important it was to you. She finally agreed, and suprised you VIP passes! You decided to dress casual. You didn't want One Direction to think you were crazy obsessed, so you toned down you 1D merchandise. You just wore red skinny jeans, suspenders, a 1D tee, 1D bracelets, and your favorite pair of 1D toms that you made yourself. 'I'm not over doing it' you thought as you left your house.
You sang along with them during 'More than this'. You were watching as they sang 'Moments'. You loved the boys equally, but there was something about Harry that just made your heart go crazy. What was it that made you get butterflies?
Was it his curls?
Was it his eyes?
Was it his smile?
Was it the way he would sing with passion?
You put your ideas to rest, comming to the conclusion that you loved everything about him. As the song ended, you noticed Harry look in your direction. 'OMG! IS HE LOOKING AT ME?' you thought. You were let down when a girl behind you waved at Harry, and he waved back.
This is it! This is the moment you meet the greatest boys on Earth!
You were so nervous as you made your way backstage. You walk into a room, and immediately see all the boys, Niall, eating-of course! You laugh silently to yourself. You notice that Harry isn't there. You ask the boys why isn't he here. Zayn answers, "Harry seen a beautiful girl on the crowd, He said that he 'Just HAD to meet her'". You're a little disappointed by that. You start talking to them when Harry comes in looking at the floor, sad. "What's wrong lad?" Liam asks. "I couldn't find her, I guess she already left..." Harry replies, still looking down. The boys try comforting him, and you contemplate leaving. You start to sneak out, when you almost trip on something and makeva noise. They all look at you and you start blushing. Harry jumps up and runs to you. He stares at you and says, "It's you! You're her!" Harry tells you. You're confused, but think back to what Zayn said. "I'm the girl you were looking for?" you question. "Yes! It's you, I tried getting your attention during the concert but you didn't wave back." Harry says. "I thought you were waving to the girl behind me, she was beautiful..
And well, I'm not the prettiest girl..." you star to say. Harry cuts you off with a kiss. "I think you're absolutely gorgeous!" He tells you.


Really guys?
I got 173 fav's on one of my quotes?
That's the most fav's I've EVER gotten...

Dear wittians who I promised imagines,
Something has come up in my family. I apologize but, YOU WILL GET YOUR IMAGINES they will just take a little bit longer. I'm sorry but, I need to be with my family. You will be notified when imagines are finished.
Natalie ^-^
Imagine for Renlover01:

You're walking to your friend's house one day, when you hear a loud voice complaining that he's hungry. He is telling a curly haired boy to buy him food. 'Wow, has he no shame, screaming in public?' you think to yourself. He senses you looking at him, apperantly, and turns to you smiling. You smile back and wave. He must not have seen you, because he goes back to talking to his friend. He starts to say something, but you dismiss the fact, and go into your friends house.
"Soo, how'd he look?" your friend asks. "Pretty much like a regular guy...who is irish...and blonde...AND FLIPPIN SEXY!" you reply, screaming the last part. "Ohh! So, did you get his number?" she says. "No...we really didn't talk. He smiled at me, so I smiled back. Then I waved, but...he didn't wave back..." you tell her, sadly. "Whatever! Let's get your mind off of him and go to the mall. We can flirt with random hot guys!" she says excitedly. "You say that all the time, but I don't think we've EVER done that." you say. "Stop doubting my mad skills!" she says.
"Omg, no way! I love Pretty Little Liars, too!" you tell Jake. You just met him at the mall, you guys were really hitting it off. "Yeah, well my sister makes me watch it with her, so...yeah, it's pretty A-mazing" he tells you. You start laughing. Your friend nudges you and whispers in your ear, "Some hot guy is totally looking at you." she says. That's when you notice him, the guy you seen earlier is staring right at you. He is talking with that curly haired kid, but looking at you. There's a strange look in his eyes, that you think might be jealousy, but realize that it couldn't be true. You start talking to Jake again when the blonde boy starts walking in your direction. He suddenly grabs you and pulls you aside. "What the-?" you start to say, but are silenced when he kisses your lips. You stand there, completely in shock and frozen. "Hey there, I'm Niall, nice to meet ya!" he states as if he didn't just kiss you. "Great way to introduce yourself...I'm Ashlyn" you say. Niall then turns to Jake, "Sorry but, this here girl is busy tonight." he tells Jake. "I am?" you question. "Well, if you want to, that's what I was trying to tell you the first time I saw you...but you ran inside" he says disappointed. 'Now I get it!' you think.
~Two years later~
Niall takes you to the beach, which is weird because it eight o'clock at night. You get there and he leads you to a beautiful candlelit dinner. You both sit down and enjoy the food he prepared. When dinner is done, Niall leads you to the water and you both along the water. He stops suddenly and gets on one knee. "Ashlyn, I love you. I have loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you. Will you marry me?" Niall asks. "Yes, Niall, yes. A million times yes!" you say, crying tears of joy. Niall pulls you to him and you both share a passionate kiss.


Ok guys, you really need to check out this girl: Mobley
She is currently writing an amazing story....about ZOMBIES!!!
No, seriously, its flippin awesome!
Check it out. It's called 'After All'
She is a brilliant writer who deserves more readers.
Sometimes I feel like I don't want to meet One Direction. Because in my head, I've come up with a story that one of them will fall in love with me. But in reality, I'll just be another obsessed fan. I feel like I'm not pretty enough to see them, that I'll cry and embarrass myself because I'll be so overwhelmed. But I just hope they realize how much they changed my life. How many times I've cried with joy, argued with haters, been told to 'shut up' for talking about them too much. How many hours I've spent sitting on the computer, searching Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. The friends I've made from talking to directioners all over the world. I hope they realize how much happiness they have brought me. They have helped me through more than I can say. And I love them with all my heart.
I hope they see that...

I'm really shy at first.
But once you get to know me, prepare to meet the craziest lunatic you'll ever meet.
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