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What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Hey there! I'm Natalie. I'm 14 years old, gonna be 15 soon, and live in the United States. I am currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse...What?!? It's bound to happen sometime! I gotta be prepared! Yeah..well as you can see, I'm kind of a geek, but thats okay! We can be geeks together! I am obsessed with One Direction..They are my life! My favorite is Liam Payne! My favorite song from them is "Stole my heart". But I like other bands too! Like Maroon 5 & Green Day! I LOVE Josh Hutcherson and Taylor Lautner! I guess you could say that I'm awesome...IF you wanna...xD. If you ever need a laugh, well I'm your girl!!! I might not seem like the type, but I love video favorite game is Gears of War. (Yeah, I cried when Dom died) I also love Left 4 Dead and Halo....I've tried playing Dead Space,but to be kinda creeps me out. Lately I've been watching anime, and I gotta say...I'M LOVING IT!!! BLACK BUTLER ROCKS!!! I love Pokemon. SQUIRTLE!!! If you want to add me on Facebook, comment on my profile and I will send you my url... Follow me on twittah? @NataliePayne1D Well that's it for now! Bye bye! =D x