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this is not my main witty account , this is for my confessions nothing more 

Quotes by teardrops123

52 days . 
1248 hours .
74880 minutes.
4492800 seconds. 
 of my life that i wasted . 
on you .

I just need a break from this suffering for a little while 

i feel like everywhere around me ,
everyones falling in love ,
dating ,
having their own
but me ?
i can barely get a guy interested in a conversation
let alone in me . 

now im just sitting here thinking ; it took him THAT long to replace me ? 
never thought i could ever hate a name , now i know thats not true. 
she's tall , she's blonde , and she's beautiful . 
all three things i'll never be .
mind : why do you even bother ?! 
heart : because you love him.

i hate you .
i hate how much i need you .
i hate how i can barely concentrate on anything without thinking of you .
i hate how i want to cry every five seconds .
i hate how i miss the way you say my name .
i hate how i memorized your number . 
i hate how bad i want to call it .
i hate how i feel like no one could possibly care about me like you did .
i hate you so damn much for making me feel like no one could possibly love me because of who  i am.
I hate you for lying to me . 
I hate you for breaking my heart .
i hate you .
i hate you .
my friends think my grandmother is wierd and ugly. my grandmother  has a chemical imbalance in her brain . or the more popular/ techincal term would be  bipolar disorder . she acts out constantly and has a problem speaking . from the age of 7 to 30 she would go to the hopital for electro-shock therapy . she has lived with my family for as long as i could remember . she never speaks to me unless she is about to blame me for something or to ask me to do something for her .she has a sever problem speaking because of the shock therapy . my father and her get into screaming matches constantly . he tells hes own mother she should be dead and that he hates her . my father was beaten every ten seconds as a child .
i have lived with this for 14 years .