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I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly.

comment your favorite song and who it is by!
i want some new stuff to listen too!
thank you :D

To my social life

guys i need help
there are two boys. aaron, my best friend. and nolan, the new "hot" kid. i tell aaron at least every detail in my life, and he listens. he is so cute, and sweet, and i really like him. but then there's nolan. nolan is that new mysterious kid that everyone wants to talk to. we started talking in algebra because i didn't understand one problem. and since then we've been talking ever since, and i started to like him. so last night, i went to the football game with nolan and aaron came up and said hi. i could see aaron was upset so i pulled him aside, and asked him what's wrong. he told me, "julia it pains me to see you come here with nolan." i asked him why and he told me this, "i've liked you for the longest time, and i always think about you." i stood there shocked, because i've liked him for a long time too. but then i saw nolan, and i couldn't ditch him because i went to the game with him. so i told aaron we would talk later. and then nolan asked me to go to this haunted house with him tonight, so i said i'd go. and then, nolan asked aaron to come along.
what should i do?
I have to work with this hot guy in history,
he called me sweetheart.
Guys, I think he's going to propose.
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If I were to post what's on my mind, I'd be put in a crazy house.

okay guys my fan fic,
Do you remember me?
will be going up soon!
comment if you want an update. x
my best friend and i were sitting next to each other in lunch and our knees kept touching and it made my heart go crazy.
and then we had the same class next so we always walk there with each other, but today he wanted to take another way just me and him because it was quicker to get to the classroom.
we were walking there and we were talking what would happen if someone tried to hit him.
he told me to reach my arm out so i did.
he told me if anyone were to hit me to grab their arm like this.
and he did it to me and we stopped and looked at each other, then he leaned in and guess what,
he pushed me and i flew off the stairwell and broke my neck.
ha gotcha ;)