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my name? oh yah its Tea but people call me tay:) .
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Quotes by teateatea13

i wonder how annoyed the person is in the book waiting for the other person to answer them while they are thinking in their heads.

welcome to your teenage years. where you’ll be betrayed, stabbedd in the back, heartbroken over and over again, fall for people you wish you hadnt, get into fights, have rumors started about you and have many regrets. but these are the best years of our lives.


Boy: Feel My shirt .
Girl : *Feels Shirt*
Boy : What kind of Material is it?
Girl : Um….. Cotton ? Boy : Nope Boyfriend Material (:





Boy: Make a C with your right hand .
Girl: okayy .*makes a C.*
Boy: *smiles and makes c with his left hand, placing it near hers.*
Girl: A heart?
Boy: no . my stomach. and its empty, make me a sandwich.

oh hey. I'm a plain quote.
another quote that never ends up getting on the top quotes.

i text him.. ;;
he texts me back
 i text him
- - - » NO ANWSER
can you please explain to me why guys take a way long time to text back.

the only place where i want to be is..

in your arms

i want a guy to : 
not t to be afriad to hold my hand in public ot cuddlle with me in front of his friends and someone that isnt afriad to show how he feels.


stop messing with her
so she doesnt have everything you do
so she isnt the prettiest
so she doesnt wear designer clothes
so maybe she doesnt have all the money in the world
she is just a person that needs a friend

so stop.