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heyy its teenvoguereader-

i just want you to know that sometimes my quotes aren't about someone but most of the time they are : )


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Sometimes I just want to scream at my crush "Stop paying so much attention to her and pay attention to me!! The one who actually cares about you!!"

My 11/11/11 wish came true!! He called me and asked me to go out and we make the perfect couple!!!
Jk, lol,  at 11:11 I got a text from my best friend saying her crush asked her out

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Last night I went out to dinner with my boyfriend, he was so romantic he made us a picnic and we sat at the ocean and watched the sunset...
Jk, lol I ate ice cream,boyfriendless,and watched America's Next Top Model all night : )




Don't You



Hate It





you see his eyes light up when he is talking to her and you wish he felt the same way about





Don't you hate it when...

you  try   not  to   th i nk    about   h i m   and   you   end   up  

th i nking    about   h i m    m o r e


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  Don't you hate it when.....

your best friends aren't even the ones who know your upset, its just your

regular friends that know your upset.

don't you hate it when...

people think you like a person and they tell the person and then your afraid he is going to ask you out and your going to have to say no because you don't like him

<3 for a series

Don't you hate it when...   You can't even call him your friend anymore....

<3 for a series

Don't you sometimes regret things you have done or told people?
Today I had one of those moments but then I realized I stated my opinion to someone that asked my opinion.  I may have just hurt someone but I can't hold in what I just had said any longer and people will just have to accept that.