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1. sunlight in the winter.
2. the smell of rain.
3. red telephone booths.
4. brightly colored candy.
5. real smiles.

my name is texaskangaroo.
if i told you what the list above is about, well, that would ruin the mystery. figure it out yourself.
about me? there's nothing to say, darling. i'm just another person on here. 

Quotes by texaskangaroo


you fight like a married couple

you talk like best friends

you flirt like first loves

you protect each other like brother and sister 

that's when you know it's meant to be.

This little boy and girl, they're in love.


As young as they are, it’s incredible how they treat each other, how much they want to be together all the time, how they never get tired of one another.

- - - - - - - - - >> It’s crazy.


My mom works at a preschool, and these two kids go there. Zack and Eva. They're about four or five.


Eva goes to school everyday, but Zack only goes every other day. Eva's mom told my mom that every morning when Eva gets in the car she says,

 “Mommy, is today a Zack day?” 

And when it is she sighs with relief in her little car seat.

When they sit in class on the floor listening to story time, Zack strokes her arm.
He tucks her hair behind her ear and smiles at her, he helps her with her coloring.
This is all during a day in preschool.

I saw him at the school picnic, and he was walking around holding her hand. She said, “I want some cake, Zack.” He replied, “Okay, Eva. Let’s go get some together.”


I hope they get married someday.

Even if he’s four years old, he knows how to treat a girl
better than any guy my age.  


me: "okay. so i'm gonna start eating healthier, starting today. i'll have salads for every meal and only drink water and never eat anything fatty again! yeah! i'll be so thin by summer if i just stick with this, yay thin thin thin"
mother: "hey, honey, so i'm really tired and i'm just gonna get mcdonald's for dinner. you want anything?"
me: "..."
me: "...i'll have a big mac and fries and a chocolate milkshake 
and maybe some mcnuggetson the side..."

fave if this is your life.

you know when you're falling asleep,  

and you suddenly get the feeling that you've tripped? your body lurches forward in an instant, ready to protect you instinctively from injury. you can almost SEE the ground rising up to meet you.

this occurs when the boundaries between you and the "you" in an alternate universe are weakest. 

this is the feeling that happens when another "you" dies.

who else thinks the new facebook "see friendship" thing is super creepy?

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WAFFLES                         EAT    


never thought we'd have a last kiss 

////// never imagined we'd end like this.

now go stand in the corner and think about what you did.

now fave if that one dark O bothers you.

waiting for that one kid to awkwardly turn in their test first 
and then the entire class comes rushing up :)