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1. sunlight in the winter.
2. the smell of rain.
3. red telephone booths.
4. brightly colored candy.
5. real smiles.

my name is texaskangaroo.
if i told you what the list above is about, well, that would ruin the mystery. figure it out yourself.
about me? there's nothing to say, darling. i'm just another person on here. 

Quotes by texaskangaroo

am i the only one who thinks "oral exam"

-           >> sounds like you're getting tested on your BJ skills... ?      


him: so can we pretty much assume that we like each other?
me: is this you asking me out?
him: is this you saying yes?
me: what do you think?
him: look, if you don't like me, just say so.
me: i think we can pretty much assume that i like you too.

the rest is history <3


i thought for a long time over what to say in this quote.
i wanted to sum up my feelings in such a way that a lot of other girls could relate.
i wanted to get lots of hearts, because i wanted to know that i wasn't alone.
well, i couldn't figure out anything fancy to say, everybody. i couldn't bring myself to make this quote pretty, with colors and fades and borders.
i couldn't think of anything other than:

i don't know how to be okay anymore.

my eyes are dry as i type this. am i alone?

mom: "no, you can't watch that. too much cursing."

me: "...you do realize i go to SCHOOL every day, right?"


seriously, what do they think goes ON at school?

this Halloween
i'm dressing all in red
and trick-or-treating at 4 PM
so i can say

"i'm your period, and i came early."


&&she's the girl with her middle finger in the air;;     
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->> 'cause for the first time, she doesn't care.  



for tagging me
                               - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >>in a facebook photo
that i immediately untagged
                              because i didn't look amazing

not my format.

Student: "Ughhh, I'm so t i r e d."
Teacher: "Maybe you shouldn't stay up so late then."
Student: "I'm not tired because of that...


this is the kind of thing i would say... anyone else that cool? XD

There's a difference between someone being perfect  for  you,
and two people being perfect for each other.

I think we're the second one.

And I'm trying my hardest to prove that to you.

--six billion secrets

RxExAxLxLxY WxIxTxTxYx?

i spent TWO HOURS on that quote and i only get 4 faves?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - >> i see how it is.

bet you a million dollars it'll happen with this one...

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