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Hi:) I'mJessica.
I love high5s, hugs, and laughing:)
I'm always here to chat and give advice:) 

Quotes by textinggrl18

You have a girlfriend.

You   shouldn't   be   making 

Rate    statuses

   and   then   rating   other   girls    10s..  

S  i  n  c   e  r  e  l  y, 



I'm sick of 
relationships  being

based off electronics. 


you tell On

person something;

 you tell one thousand..   


Life is
smile while you
still have

If you treat somebody
Like a celebrity,Then you'll be treated like a

+&Mathematics may not teach us to inhale oxygen & exhale carbon       
dioxide or to love a friend & forgive an enemy, but it gives us every
                  reason to hope that every 
problem has a solution.



Can't you see it? she likes you, more than you could imagine. 
It's in her eyes, it's in her voice, it's in her smile. 
She's so different when you're around, so much happier.

                                                You're the one for her.

There will always be
those awkward
moments when you
walk by a person
and remember everything
you had.


 +& I get the point that
i should leave you alone, but we both know that im
 not that strong.


"our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch."
- remember me