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EVERY 18 MINUTES SOMEONE IN THE US KILLS THEMSELVES...hold on when you feel like letting go the most UNIQUE team in the league... el captain 2007. yeeeeehaaawwwww AND ITS THOSE DAYS THEY THINK WE'RE HIGH--->THAT WE LIVE FOR )smile in my sleep for( LOVER MY BEST FRIENDS IN MY HEART YOULL BE FOREVER YOUNG there are places i remember all my life though some have changed some forever some not for better with lovers and friends i still can recall some are dead and some are living in my life i loved them all in my life i loved you most

Quotes by thatcraziegirl26

and the risk that might break you
Is the one that would save
A life you don't live is still lost

goo goo dolls

*anne of greeen gables

^ those were the days, when the worst insult u could throw at someone was a goosegg
i always give 200%...
cause when im only giving half
its still 100%

--- )))track((( my anti drug---
: : : S u m m e r O h S e v e n : : :
n o s c h o o l
n o h e s i t a t i o n s
n o i n h a b i t i o n s
n o r e g r e t s
: : : B e s t f r i e n d s : : :
n o i n h a b i t i o n s n o r e g r e t s n o q u e s t i o n s
t o g e t h e r f o r e v e r
If pigs could fly...there'd be no boys on the ground
The older i get, the more i realize that its far better to surround yourself with a few quality friends rather than a quantity of mediocre ones. You eventually realize who has been there & who hasnít.
Summer is like one gigantic weekend:
No school
No thinking
And it goes by way too fast
>>Hereís to the nights we felt alive 07<<
i wear my heart on my sleeves, can never seem to get anything right, can never decide what i want, Iím a horrible liar and i cry WAY too much. My hair has a mind of its own, and Iím lucky if i go an hour without dropping anything. Iím the most loyal and passionate person youíll prolly ever meet. Iím crazie loud and LIKE IT. I have too much energy than whatís good for me, and I love my friends fiercely. Iíd walk through traffic for my best friends, but donít make me prove it. Iím a walking mess of a girl, but Iíve finally become okay with that, and if you arenít, screw you.