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I went to a funeral today

The Priest was telling us on how if you think about it, life is like a race. Some are short like the 100 meter dash or some are long like the mile run. Everyone is runnning different races. But this race, you never know when it ends. One day will just be the finish line. He told us how right now we shouldn't be fearfull and if we want something that we should go out and aim for it. Always look on the brightside of things and do it with a smile on your face. This really has opened my eyes. Today I learned not to take anyone for granted, one day they might just disapper.

this isn't for faves; I just wanted to let you guys know what I learned today.
Rest.In.Paradise Uncle Todd

Be ithdriverseat,

make decisions and trust your own judgement

because the only person that can make you happy is you

- Zayn Malik



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This Weekend is Mother’s Day Weekend;
Favorite if you love your Mom and never want to lose her.*

I love you mom.

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                       you'll  never  understand
                      U  N  T  I  L    I  T           [x][x][x]

               happens  to  you 


Distance is just the space 

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     if you like her, tell her. she won't wait forever. 


Destiny is for losers. 

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making them happen. 



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