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Hello, my name is Victoria :)
I am a survivor.
I'm 14 and a freshman n highschool.
So, some things that you should probably know about me is that I have been through a lot in my life and still am still going through things. I'm just like any other person so please be gentle if you want to tell me something. I am a hopeless romantic(even though I'm only 14) and I am waiting for someone who will deny the stars for us(anyone get that reference?). Music is my escape and how I express myself. You've probably heard it before "My music will tell you more about me than my lips ever will". I hope to one day become a successful singer/songwriter. In school, I'm known as...well I actually am not sure whatn people think of me anymore. Some hate me, some put up with me, and some think I'm alright, I guess. I'm really not quite sure who is actually my friend anymore ans who isn't. It's a horrible reality, actually. I want to make other people feel beautiful if they don't because I know how bad it feels. Apparently, I give good advice so if you have any problems or if you just want someone who will listen I'm here for you. I'd like to acknowledge my amazing followers(thanks for reading about my life in quotes<3). I'll always follow back if you follow me :). If you read all of this I love you and thanks. Any questions? Just ask!
Can I have my happily ever after yet?

Quotes by thatgirl6219

If I've learned anything from books, it's that your escape comes when you most need it.

Where's my escape?
I won't let you close enough to hurt me.
Today was the first time that we had a conversation in a long time,
and it was wonderful, but I hope you don't plan on leaving again anytime soon.
If this was a movie, you'd be here by now.
Trust is like a piece of paper.
Once it is crumpled,
it can't ever be perfect again.
That song you softly sing is keeping you from breaking.
I miss talking to you.
I miss laughing with you.
I miss catching you looking at me in class.
I miss walking in the halls with you.
I miss having inside jokes with you.
I miss you yelling my name down the hall to say good morning.
I miss you hugging me goodbye.
I miss you texting me goodnight.

I miss you.



Let go of
those who bring you down
and surround yourself
with those who
bring out the best in you.


Those who are heartless, 

once cared too much.