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I go by the name of Tatiana. I'm 13. I love to read. MY favorite bands include MGMT, The Killers, Matt and Kim, and many more. I'm a Potterhead. Um, yeah. That's about it. 

Quotes by thatgreen_gentlewoman

thatawkwardmomentwhenallthese awkwardmomentquotesaren'taren't funny.
I am not confident.
I know I am smart, but not in the ways that count. 
I read people much better than books but I never
Have the words to explain my findings.
I'm only as funny as I feel,
And I do not think I'm pretty. 
I sometimes walk with my head down.
My posture is terrible. 
I think horrible things about people and I let
My emotions get the best of me.
I'm really not as nice as I'd like to be,
Or as innocent as you'd think I am.
I am a perfectionist.
I am a contradiction to everything I want to stand for.
I'm a big dreamer with little motivation.
I really am no good at all, on my own. 
But I am analytical with myself.
And I don't understand how anyone could ever be cocky
Or proud when they are aware of all the disgusting things 
That they think and do, but no one knows. 
We're all broken enough to be humble. 

Learn from yesterday;

Live for today;

Hope for tomorrow

I was just looking
through my facebook events
when I saw one
for the
most epic wish ever.
I freaked out.
Then, I realized, wrong year.
It's next year.



Dear Waldo,

Please return my invisibility cloak ASAP.

H. Potter.

Dear Justin Bieber,

I wish your songs weren't so catchy.

Straight guy singing in the shower of his frat house.

Dear Girls Obsessed with Twilight,

If you really saw a vampire you would run away screaming, not fall in love with it.

A Sane, Logical Thinker.

Dear Chair,

You might get a lot of tail, but I get a lot of head.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sincerely,                                                                                                   Pillow.