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my tumblr url is and that's where i am now so yeah.

let's see.

i'm abigail. i'm 18, and i am not on this website anymore.

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it's been 409 days since i posted a quote.... wow. so much has changed. i just updated my profile on here. i wonder how everyone is. someone fill me in please.
i really need to cuddle with someone right now fml
okay guys
what to heck are comment points
LOL at the 11-year-olds

who think "Whistle" by Flo Rida 
is actually about a whistle.

nmf. my quote.


we'rere like fire and rain,
         you can drive me insane  >>
but I can't stay mad at you
for anything              


Here's to you

and your temper,
Yes, I remember what you said last night.

Plot Twist: I'm beautiful.

I was in an argument with a guy on

Facebook about Harry Potter...

He said (About the movies): "you sit there for 3 hours to say like 5 spells."

I said: "You don't 'sit there for 3 hours to say like 5 spells', you become engulfed in a fictional world of chaos and destruction as you follow the journey of a group of wizards who try to defeat the Dark Lord, while at the same time they are learning magic and bettering themselves in order to become stronger people. Along the way, they discover who they truly are and the power that each of them hold within themselves."

I think I won.

true story.

Plot twist: The plot can't be twisted.
I don't mind if you have your own opinion.
You're supposed to.

I don't mind if you voice that opinion.
You have a right to.

I do mind if you rudely state your opinion.
Can't you at least be respectful of other people's opinions?
They're allowed to have one, too.

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