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         CRY IF YOU MUST.

Me: Refreshes Witty
Internet: Sorry, this server is down
Me: no
Me: refreshes
Me: refreshes
Me: refreshes
Witty: loads
Witty: *is completely different*
A cookie:
the wind:
A training bra:
A hollister model:
Me: I have no recollection of this place

me: could i have a large
lady at starbucks: Oh, do you mean a venti?
me: can we not do this


"can i ask you a question?"
and BAM, just like that everything you have ever done wrong in your life flashes before your eyes.


 I have always wondered
if anyone notices me, when I’m walking
or doing something.
I wonder if I make someone else’s heart skip a beat,
that someone who wants to talk to me
or if someone falls asleep at night
while thinking about me.
Someone who appreciates my existence.

I just wonder.


One day, fridges will take revenge.
They will open our bedroom door every 10 minutes, stare at us blankly and then just close it again without a word.
Softly, he'll ask me once more."Is it getting that bad again?" Worry laced within his voice, a worry that made my gut chrun in silent guilt; a guilt that was threatening to consume me. Silently I shrugged, not sure how to answer that. Because, that's what he—no one—seems to get. It's not getting that bad again, because it never got better. It's not a high and low thing, there are no more good and bad days. There's bad days and there are unbearable days. It's a constant struggle just to keep going. But, "I'm doing alright, I guess." is all that I say. 

This quote does not exist.

& Even If I Did

Have the perfect hair,

The amazing body,

The amazing boyfriend,

The perfect grades,

The best personality,

The most expensive clothes,

The most normal family,

& The best social life,

I Still Wouldn't Be Happy.


Some scars are beautiful.
They remind us how we heal as we endure.