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hey thereee,
wellll.. i'm sorry i don't go on as much as i used to before,
i just got busy and completely forgot about wittyprofiles
and HOLY SHIT, a lot of things have changed on this website..
and one of my quotes is in "top quotes" which is just amazing and mind-blowing! i can't believe it. anyway, thanks a lot for the people who follow me! it means a lot and thanks for all of your lovely comments on my quotes and profile.
and for the mean comments, um i don't really care.. you're wasting your time.sorry that i don't reply to any of you.
it's just that this website kinda bores me now and it's not as interesting and fun as it used to be. alright, that's it bye guysss :D i'll try to post more quotes
love you allll xxx

Quotes by thatsacex3

It's sad..
when people you know, become people you once knew. 

Father: nice Miley Cyrus song you got there..
Daughter: Dad! It's not Miley Cyrus
Father: It's Taylor Swift. I like that singer
Daughter: NO DAD!
Father: Katy Perry?
Daughter: For god's sake dad! It's Justin Bieber, ughh!

Boy: Do you want a hug?
Girl: No
Boy: Do you even know what I said?
Girl: Yes
Boy: What?
Girl: Do you want a hug?
Boy: If you insist :D

"Daddy, how did you meet mom?"
"Son, i commented on her facebook status".

Elementary school;
eww! you kissed him..
Middle school;
C'mon, kiss! kiss! kiss!
High school;
Seriously guys, stop making out and go get a room!

where do you live? I will write you a letter.

Whats your phone number? i'll call you.

Whats your email? ill message you.

Do you have facebook? ill add you ;)


Turning into a Ninja,
when you hear your phone ringing in another room ;)

I don't stalk,
i investigate ;)

Hold on,
i'm going to get you another cup of
B I T C H.