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Sometimes I think that i would be better off dead, but then i think of never being able to see my family again, however maybe thats what i need.
This girl told me, if you ever come back, then run away. But how can I run away from something that means the world to you? How can I just say no? I could receive anything I want at that time, and what am I meant to do? Throw everything away?

I miss you so f#cking much.

You don’t understand how you affected my life, in a good way. You made me happy, enjoy my day, the feelings i have for you, no one understands. You f#cked me about, yet I still stick up for you. I f#cking miss you, and you don’t even care. You can walk past me, without even looking at me, or when you look at me and we awkwardly make eye contact you don’t smile or say anything. Thanks for turning out to be a complete d!ck. Even if, i miss and still love you.

Getting sent for therapy! aren't i just lucky!
I'm so tired of everything.
They say, if you love something, let it go, if it was your's then it will come back.
But shouldn't I fight for what I love?
I really don't know what to do anymore, i want to fight, but im tired to fight.
I've been heartbroken too many times, by just crushes,
I really thought this guy would be different.
Please guys, can you help me on what to do?
She ducked the next class, ran home into the bathroom.
Thought to herself she wouldn't break her promise that soon.
One cut... two cuts... three cuts... four
The blood just started dripping from the tub to the floor.
Her boyfriend had a feeling in his stomach that he hated.
He followed it right down to her house he never waited.
The front door was open, he heard the water running.
He stormed into the bathroom and his heart just started gunning.
Nobody seems to get you, you feel you're on your own,
But listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone.
So baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
I know your heart is hurting, you think the road has end,
You may just feel that blade you're holding is your only friend.
But baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
He puts her arm around his shoulder, he's just tryna lean her back up.
Yelling out her name as he lays her beside the bathtub.
Feels his whole world just took a hit from a big avalanche.
Screaming out so heavily, "Somebody call an ambulance!"
Feeling mad angry like somebody's led her onto this.
Her eyeballs are rolling, drifting out of consciousness.
Thinking to himself why the hell did she just stop at will.
The tears just keep on rolling as they head to the hospital.
Paramedics rush her in, the doctor calls emergency.
She's lost a lot of blood the place looks like a murder scene,
An hour later, the doc walks over with a sour face,
And says, "Excuse me for the words that I'm about to say.
I'm sorry for your loss," the boy just starts collapsing.
His own world, his own girl just took a crashing.
Saying to himself that it's his fault and that he let it up.
"Baby, I thought you made a promise you would never cut."

How can i be the real me? I need you to be here with me, supporting me, letting me be the real me, but i can’t because the other half of me, isn’t with me, but its with you. I love you, and you don’t understand that, you’re the first person who i feel so strongly about in a while, if not really the first person in my life. Never have i ever had such strong butterflies when seeing your name, seeing you or even hearing your name or voice. I just hope you will see that soon. Because you mean a lot to me.
Was going to congratulate myself for being clean 11 months, but then realised i haven;t updated in a while. Never mind