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this is the story of a girl...Y

&& when your heart's been to hell+back, you just want love; nothing more, nothing less. just love. &+ you want it to last forever.
music gives you butterflies.
and it can touch your soul in ways
that you never thought were possible.
it can cure a lonely night
and always agrees with you.
but the best part is...
music will never break your heart.
He is sensible and so incredible
And all my single friends are [[jealous]]
He says everything I need to hear and it's like
I couldn't ask for anything better
He (opens up my door) &+ I get into his car
And he says you look beautiful tonight
And I feel perfectly fine

But I [[miss]] screaming &+ fighting and kissing in the rain
And it's 2am and I'm cursing your name
You're [[so in love]] that you act insane
&+ that's the way ( I loved you )
Breakin' down && coming undone
It's a roller coaster kinda rush
And I never knew I could feel that much
And that's the way I loved you

He respects my space
And never makes me wait
And he calls exactly when he says he will
He's close to my mother
Talks business with my father
He's charming &+ endearing
And I'm comfortable

I never knew I could feel that much
&+ that's the way
I loved you

...i love you
always have&+always will</3

Quotes by thatsthewayilovedyou

oh boy you got me falling down,
i'm head over heels for you.
and every time that you come around,
i can't help but speak the truth.
you know my lips are no stranger to the touch,

and i like it a little too much.
but all that's left are the memories,
constantly remind me that
you still have the biggest influence on me.
i was a good  kid, until i met you.
you turned my world  upside down,
but i loved the rush .
i wish my life was like the movie " fifty first dates "
because then everyday i wouldnt remember what you did to me..
what you made me become..
i would forget everyday,,
that im broken.that im weak.that im insecure.that im a mess. that im falling apart. that im not who you want. that im not good enough.
that you dont care about me. that you dont think about me. that you dont even look at me anymore.
that i mean absolutly nothing to you
but most of all..
&+ your in love with her

i guess i was just never good enough for you..

you look at me..
what do you see ?
my tear stained eyes,, or my plastered on smile..
You said , ' You know what your problem is ? '
and I replied, . ' Yes, I do. I fell in love with the
idea that no` matter what happened you' would
always be there.' . 'When haven't I?' you asked
& as a tear trickled down my cheek I said, 'Ever
since the day' she walked through that door. '
&+ im sorry i wasnt good enough for you
&+ when we were little i always used to say " i really wish you were gay, that would be so cool to have a gay bestfriend.. "

&+ now i know your not gay..

your metro-sexual.

we're 14 years old.. stop dressing up in girl's clothing.
i have the hardest time resisting you.
i know youwant me to want you,

 i want to

Please don't tell me you love me
unless you really mean it,
because I might do something crazy
like believe it.

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