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i'm nothing special.

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it shouldn't even be called "witty profiles" anymore,
it should be called "find something funny on tumblr and post it on here and pretend like you made it up"


girls my age: I love going to parties and spending time with my friends and playing sports  and i love my boyfriend soo much especially when he buys me flowers and i'm so popular and pretty and everyone likes me i love my body hair and face

me: lol i love food

reasons to date me:
1. no one will try to steal me from you
2. i'm funny sometimes

i cant think of anything else.

i love food, but I hate that i can never eat without that urge in the back of my mind to throw it up.

Darling, Open your eyes.You are not made up of those words that hurt you. Or that number on the scale. Or the expecations that you feel you will never meet.You are made up of nothing more then you.Simply, beautifully, wonderfully, uniquely you.You are a lovely and complex soul. An individually fascinating combination ofthoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions.No other is as beautiful as you. Look past the mirror.Look at your soul.Only then will you see yourself as you truly are. Beautiful.So smile! And don't forget to love yourself
The reason girls go after as$holes is because they were taught ever since they were little that if a guy is mean to you that means he likes you.
omg can we please just build a giant school and the students will be just us wittians and there will be no judging and no bullying and everyone will be there for eachother and just have one class where we all can just vent and listen to eachother please thats perfect

you're not ugly.

society is.

me: mom can i
mom: no
me:  you didnt even hear my question yet
mom: okay, ask your question
me: mom can i
mom: no
me: i'm doing it anyway


I have this thing where I can give other people advice when they need it, but I suck at taking my own advice.